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Yonkers Woman Struck & Pinned By Car

Bridget Mulroy

A woman from NC strikes a pedestrian, loses control of her car, and pins the victim.Photo by(@worldlatinstar/Instagram)

A woman crossing New Main Street in downtown Yonkers earlier this week was struck by a car while crossing, and pinned under the car when the driver exited the car to see what had been struck.

New Main Street is notoriously busy in the daytime. Crossing is typically difficult. This incident happened a little after 9:00 pm when the street is less congested but not less dangerous.

video of the woman being struck and then pinned under the car has gone viral. You see a woman crossing New Main Street when suddenly a car traveling at a high speed hits the woman and flips her, projecting her about 6 feet away from the car. 

Stunned and struggling to stand, the female driver checks the victim she struck but failed to properly park the car, which caused it to roll and drive over the victim.

A vehicle traveling in the opposite direction intercepted the rogue car to prevent it from rolling further and causing more damage.

A jack (provided by bystanders who had witnessed the event unfold) needed to be used to pry the car off of the victim and free her from underneath. First aid responded shortly after the incident transpired and transported the victim to the hospital.

The identity of the victim has not been disclosed. The driver of the car that struck the victim was a woman from North Carolina who remained on the scene and cooperated with investigators.

Thankfully, the victim was not severely injured. She was sent via ambulance to a nearby hospital and later discharged with no life-threatening injuries following being hit by the car.

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