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This One's For The Girls: Sweetest Sin Boutique of Red Bank

Bridget Mulroy
A bra-fitting boutique leaving big brands in the dust.Photo by(@izusek/iStock)

Sweetest Sin Boutique. Thank me later.

If you have boobs, you KNOW the importance of the proper fit. Sweetest Sin Boutique of Red Bank is a bra-fitting boutique specializing in the proper fit for bras, intimates, and all undergarments. It’s WILD that people aren’t flocking to them and still shopping with big brands.

Big brands, without naming any names, are owned and represented by people who, in popular songs, have been called out for being someone who doesn’t even wear a bra, and celebrities who focus on the wrong aspects of undergarments. Big brands are putting more money into advertising than the quality of the products they’re selling.

This has warped the market, in terms of what consumers see as quality undergarments. Consumers only see photographs in a curated catalog of beautiful women wearing generic pieces. It wasn’t even until recently that big brands began publishing photographs of women of different ethnicities and body shapes wearing their collections – and only up to a certain size. Sweetest Sin carries a multitude of neutral shades, in all products, for everyone!

That is what sets Sweetest Sin Boutique on a pedestal compared to any mainstream lingerie shop that you would most likely encounter at a shopping mall. These mall shops honestly cannot hold a candle to the products Sweetest Sin has access to, the spectrum of sizes Sweetest Sin has available – unmatched across the board – and the selection of sexy!

As for sizes, Sweetest Sin sizes up to a K cup, and a 46 band… name another shop on the East Coast that is capable of doing this, I’ll wait! The boutique carries curated collections from around the world. They focus on pieces from various collections that focus on fit and will deliver the best quality for their customers.

Girl, we’re talking everything, from everyday basics to something a bit spicier. Imagine feeling good, AND looking good. 

For thirteen years, Sweetest Sin Boutique has been in business in Red Bank measuring, sizing, fitting, and perfecting the perfect fit. So much so that world-renowned breast augmentation surgeons send patients to Sweetest Sin Boutique so they’re provided with the best-supporting pieces to ensure the longevity of their cosmetic enhancement.

Angela Courtney is the owner of Sweetest Sin Boutique and she couldn’t be more on point with her drive to help customers, and the realm we live in as we break away from big brands – more women are NEEDING undergarments that fit. Angela says, “You and your bestie could be the same size (34B) but the styles that fit her might not necessarily suit you due to the differences in our bodies. No two bodies are alike and no two breasts are alike. That’s why you come to us. We’re a professional bra-fitting boutique that specializes in getting you the perfect fit for your body. At Sweetest Sin Boutique, we pride ourselves in our customers walking out feeling their best because they are now comfortable and supported in their bras. We help find styles that will actually flatter them – as opposed to a generic fit calculator. We have access to brands from around the world that specialize in fit variations, one being Empreinte which originates in France, they focus on quality and fit catering to sizes D+ through H. As a women-run boutique, we realize the importance of self-care and encourage women to invest in themselves! Book a complimentary bra fitting on our website and let us help you find the best size and fit for YOUR body.”

Before Sweetest Sin Boutique, I’d walk out of a ‘big brand’ store only to be back there a couple of months later because of a generic fitting – usually being undersized because fit-calculators would downsize on cup or band only to make a fit that would be too small. (The difference between any cup size and a 34-36 band can be a fit nightmare, I lived it…. Until recently.) After a fitting with Sweetest Sin, my life changed. I now know what fits me AND I know what looks good on me. You simply cannot get that at any big brand. I’m never looking back and I hope you don’t either!

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