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A new FDA classification will have abortion pills on the shelves of New York and New Jersey pharmacies in 2023. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? Pharmacies across the country will be stocking shelves with pregnancy-blocking pills.

Not to be confused with birth control. Abortion pills are a one-and-done approach to addressing a person accidentally putting themselves in a situation where pregnancy may occur. With respect to anyone who advocates for life, the name ‘abortion pill’ sounds a lot worse than it sounds. 

An ‘abortion pill’ is taken when a person presumes they may have engaged in an activity that could create a ‘blip,’ but they take the pill to prevent the blip from ever happening.

A new mandate under the FDA will have abortion pills on pharmacy shelves this year across the country.

A major reason why this is concerning is due to abuse. Hormonal side effects are the first concern. If made commercially available (CVS, Walgreens, local pharmacies,) who, or what is stopping people from over-buying abortion pills?

Before this new legislation, Mifeprex (Mifepristone 200mg) has been made available to women only by confirmation of pregnancy before ten gestational weeks, or prescription – depending on the state.

A prescription is still required, but the methods of acquiring a prescription to obtain an abortion pill have become much more lenient. Before only certain medical professionals could prescribe the abortion pill, now that’s not the case since it will be much more easily accessible. 

While this will be made more readily available, it is still not advised to purchase abortion pills online. Reputable retailers won’t sell recreationally and anything recreationally available is riskier than what is prescribed.

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