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NJ Teacher Creates Selfie Wall at Gentlemen's Club After Viral Inappropriate Pic Leak

Bridget Mulroy
The Art Teacher's art in the Gentlemen's club.Photo by(@toyboxdollz/Instagram)

Just as we finished rolling our eyes after the last story involving Pennsauken Township’s infamous art teacher, prepare to roll them again. This time, Ms. Diaz has raised concerns after affiliating herself with one of the local adult entertainment establishments.

Sin City is one of the most well-known gentleman’s cubs in Philadelphia… and guess who was seen there doing what she does best. New Jersey’s notoriously controversial art teacher, Ms. Diaz!

The New Jersey art teacher who has become infamous for her physical appearance, and said she “regrets” going viral for the inappropriate pictures taken of her in the classroom, was commissioned to complete a selfie wall in the restroom of the Philadelphia Cabaret. (Linked below!)

Ms. Diaz was photographed at the club before, during, and after the completion of the selfie wall. Controversial questions have been raised about the art teacher’s relationship with the club, and how she continues to straddle the fine line she’s currently riding.

Understandably, parents within her local school district are pushing harder for Ms. Diaz to be relieved of her teaching duties. Parents are asking her to make a choice, to disassociate herself “with the club, or with the school. She can’t have both.” 

Despite Ms. Diaz saying she “regretted going viral for the leaked photographs” taken of her in the classroom, her extracurricular activities, and overall actions aren’t very convincing of the remorse she claims to have for her behavior. Her overall defense, shared on her Instagram (@toyboxdollz) is enough for anyone to see she cares more about how she’s received than the grades her students receive, and it’s sad. 

Yes, New Jersey faces a shortage of educators due to health record requirements following a global health crisis, but that’s no reason to settle.

Since this isn’t the first story of the art teacher and her antics, we need to consider if the art teacher is the problem, or if society is the problem.

Ms. Diaz's art in the Gentlemen's club can be seen here:

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