Scientists Confirm Depletion of Planet's Oxygen Levels Will Suffocate Life on Earth

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Earth's oxygen levels are dropping.Photo by(@xiaoke chen/iStock)

study published earlier this month discloses the findings of Earth undergoing a deoxygenation event. Oxygen levels are expected to decrease and methane levels are expected to increase. This is considered a natural phenomenon and not entirely influenced by global warming. However, global warming is indicative of an event set to transpire, and current environmental standards are not slowing the process.

Oxygen is one of the most important atoms we have on the planet. Inhaled by most living organisms to maintain bodily functions, it's a vital component of air, water, and many substances we regularly use. The amount of oxygen we have today is said to be adverse to the amount of oxygen on the planet during the Archaean Eon, before the composition of minerals and microbes that created the oxygen we breathe today.

Microbe levels in sediment layers dated back to the Archaean Era tell the story of a world lacking oxygen. Now, studies in the Lond Island Sound show oxygen levels in the sediment of the Sound showing the same reduction of oxygen that was seen during the Archaean Eon. 

In an era of extinction already plaguing the Earth’s oceans, there will be no microbes or minerals to replenish the world’s oxygen levels.

Atmospheric oxygen is predicted to drop as low as what was estimated during the Archaean Eon, “about 4.6 billion to 541 million years ago,” according to Brittanica.

According to the study, scientists predict oxygen levels will drop to a level that will not be efficient to support any lifeforms on Earth. Plants, animals, and humans will all go extinct.

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