A Unique Approach to Holiday Drama

Bridget Mulroy

A buzzing debate now as the holiday season creeps in is whether or not to spend the holidays with people (friends or family) you don’t like, and how to handle the scenarios. You either grin and bare it, and go, or explain why you’re not attending with either an elaborate lie or the harsh truth.

So what to do?

Before we delve into our crisis this holiday season, let’s remember that there are plenty of people in the area who don’t have a place to spend the holidays, and would cherish the opportunity to have a home-cooked holiday meal

Ironically, individuals quoted from the Humans of New York – displaced New Yorkers who have endured more extreme circumstances – had the most valid reasons for not being able to tolerate their not-so-loved ones.

Being discussed here (time: 11:11,) Victoria Wood of Burlington, New Jersey raises the point of being kind to someone you don’t necessarily like. A point is raised around killing them with kindness and being cordial, but that’s not always an option when dealing with certain people, or certain situations.

Of course, you don’t want to walk into the room with guns blazing. To avoid that, you need to know your limits when dealing with other people. While some people may not be as willing to be kind, you can be kind while also being mature. Maturity can apply to all situations.

Finally, if the company you’re dreading being around is truly that bad, you have the choice of being honest or being creative. Tell them the truth, or come up with a believable (or elaborate) excuse for why you won’t be there.

Either way, you need to tell them/someone who knows them that you won’t be attending this year. Having an issue with someone else usually reflects more on the person with the issue than the person with whom the issue exists. You have the choice, again, to let something go, or continue to allow it to bother you.

As for the holidays, go where the love is. If there is no love, create your own.

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