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NJ Teacher Shared Inappropriate Pics & Now Upset Invite To Art Show Was Based On Her Looks & Not Her Art

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NJ art teacher wishes she was invited to Art Basel for her art instead of her looks.Photo by(@ToyBoxDollz/Instagram)

Art Basel is a world-renowned art show. This year, New Jersey’s infamous art teacher had the opportunity to display her work at this year’s event.

Art Bassel 2022 took place in Miami Beach, Florida this year. The art teacher, Mrs. Diaz, was asked to attend after she became publicly recognized for being New Jersey’s Infamous Art Teacher.

Unfortunately, the art teacher wasn’t initially recognized for her art. She was recognized for her figure. A photograph was taken of her wearing figure-hugging clothing (on multiple occasions) in the classroom with children present. The art teacher’s job came into question when inappropriate photographs taken of her in the classroom had gone viral. 

The art teacher’s story has been covered in numerous stories since her story caught traction, and only recently is she starting to realize the consequences of her actions. In a recent statement, the art teacher shared her consideration to “downsize” her physical appearance, and how her decision has been influenced by the public’s opinion of her.

At Art Basel 2022, the art teacher created a painting of her now (thanks to the social media traffic she’s acquired) iconized character with cartoon-like features similar to hers. The portrait the art teacher created at Art Basel 2022 is pictured above and is still for sale since it wasn’t purchased at the art show or yet from her website.

The art teacher addressed social media saying she is grateful to have become so recognized and to have been invited to such a prestigious art show but is still dealing with the consequences of the actions that created her notoriety now. Regarding Art Basel, the art teacher says she wishes she was “asked to attend for her art and not for her looks.”

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