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NJ Teacher Behind Inappropriate Pictures Tries Setting The Record Straight

Bridget Mulroy
Mrs. Diaz teaches all forms of art to all age groups.(@toyboxdollz/Instagram)

So let’s try and set the record straight. ‘The Art Teacher,’ or Roxsana Diaz, is an art teacher working in the Pennsauken school district in New Jersey. She’s come under heavy scrutiny over the past year after photographs of her went viral – so viral that she wound up on the Tamaron Hall Show this past Friday. Ironically the episode was titled ‘Why I Went Viral.’

To anyone unfamiliar with the story, Mrs. Diaz teaches art to pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st-grade students at the Pennsauken school. She’s taught at the school for many years and she’s appreciated by most of the parents of her students. On the side, she calls herself an artist.

One day, a parent snapped a photo of Mrs. Diaz while teaching in the classroom and shared it with a school platform. The photo had been posted for months before it had gone viral. Mrs. Diaz was tagged in a reposted photo and originally found it funny. She thought it was a meme or some kind of joke. It later turned into the teacher nearly losing her job.

Of course, the internet is a crazy place. People from all over (the world) were commenting on whether or not Mrs. Diaz was a good teacher based on how she looked.

Lots of opinions focused on professionalism in the workplace and the expectation for educators to dress a certain way, people felt 'The Art Teacher' didn’t look the part. Other people were focused on whether or not her shape was natural or man-made, and how it couldn’t be concealed no matter what she wore. Parents were concerned because some of the teacher’s photos gave information away about the school. They were also concerned because the teacher posted pictures on social media where she had a large following. Some people commented on the nature of her posts and their relation to her profession. Other people only looked at her photos and didn’t bother to think about the rest.
The child's face was not hidden in 1 of the 2 pictures posted to Mrs. Diaz' Instagram account.(@toyboxdollz/Instagram)

Most of the teacher’s controversial photos have been removed from her Instagram page, but some are still lurking in her tagged photos.

Follow the link to Mrs. Diaz’s Instagram Page:

Art by Roxsana Diaz is available for sale here:

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