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NJ Teacher Posted Inappropriate Pictures in the Classroom & Now Dealing With Aftermath

Bridget Mulroy
One of the infamous art teacher's notorious images, with a child's face [since covered,] debuted on a separate inappropriate Instagram page.(@officialnaughynaughty/Instagram)

Following the initial, controversial break of this newsworthy event, facts and opinions have snowballed this story into something bigger than it needed to become. 

Since ‘The Art Teacher’ was called out for her scandalously sexualized Instagram photos taken in the workplace, yes, IN THE WORKPLACE, she has since removed the questionable photos from her Instagram page. She’s also changed the privacy setting on her affiliated accounts from public to private. Rightfully so since her job was nearly on the line for it.

By now, we all know that nothing is truly ‘deleted’ from the internet. Images she posted are still circulating – and they’re included in this follow-up story! So even though she’s done the bare minimum to scrub her Instagram account of her virtual discrepancies, it still doesn’t go away.

While the woman taking photographs of herself wasn’t completely ugly… (that part is left up for interpretation,) she WAS taking suggestive photos of herself in her place of work – which happened to be an elementary school art classroom. Fully clothed or not, there is a time and a place for everything – an elementary school classroom is not the place for that.

It’s important to understand that looks were not the issue. The controversy developed because of how she looked, but it was her poor judgment that nearly cost her a job. It’s also important to know that a person’s employment cannot be legally terminated based on looks. Therefore, she is still working for the Pennsauken, New Jersey school.

From the perspective of the parents of the students attending her class, they were concerned for their children’s safety. Some of the posted photos shared the school’s location, and information relevant to particular students attending the classes she taught. She was carelessly posting these photos to an extensive fanbase on Instagram. Since the story broke, @toyboxdollz, the Instagram account for the infamous art teacher, has amassed nearly one million followers.

So, how is she doing now during the next school year? 

Parents, unsuspecting and informed alike, are still subjecting their children to the presence of someone who may take an inappropriate picture and post it. The district did absolutely nothing to inform families attending the school of the commotion the teacher caused and how they were addressing it. She’s still employed at the school in question, which legally isn’t surprising, yet it says a lot about the district not challenging the issue. She has changed the privacy settings on her various Instagram accounts so they are no longer publicly accessible, and she’s done a pretty inefficient job at removing the photos that stirred the issue since most of them are still lingering in her tagged photos – thus proving that the pics are here to stay.

Instagram Account for ‘The Art Teacher’: The Art Teacher (@toyboxdollz) • Instagram photos and

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