A Nose Job Without The Surgery: Welcome To The Future

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Before & After of a liquid rhinoplasty performed at The Kaga Academy of Aesthetic & Concierge Medicine in Red Bank, NJ.Dr. Mai Kaga

The following story is cool. So, so cool.

That being said, skeptics and readers be warned... If you have an open mind, you’re in for a treat!

Nose jobs, cosmetically referred to as ‘rhinoplasties,’ are a gold standard for reshaping a person’s nose. They're amongst the top five cosmetic procedures Americans undergo every single year, according to PlasticSurgery.org.

It makes sense when you think of the nose being in the middle of a person’s face. No wonder why a nose is one of the most popular body parts thought about when considering reconstructive procedures.

When performed by a reputable physician, the average cost for a rhinoplasty procedure is around 10.000 USD.

While many people have already had the procedure done, the cost, downtime, risks, and room for error are all concerns for anyone weighing the pros and cons.

Now, instead of going under the knife and anesthesia, the same results can be achieved non-surgically – for a fraction of the price.

Known as a liquid rhinoplasty, a patient can alter the appearance of their nose in as little as ten minutes. This option presents zero recovery time, immediate results, no pain, and most importantly, no surgery.

Results last a little over a year, and the procedure costs SO much less than a surgical rhinoplasty.

So, while not everyone may understand the want or need for a person to change their nose or physical appearance, people who want to go through with any procedure will do it if it means feeling better about themselves and shattering their insecurities.

Not everyone may have the means, but everyone has a desire to change something. Liquid Rhinoplasties are a newer, cheaper, and safer option for anyone considering it.

So, for the skeptics and the curious, Dr. Kaga from The Kaga Academy of Aesthetic & Concierge Medicine explains, “Liquid rhinoplasty is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the aesthetic industry. At The Kaga Academy, we call it the 5-minute nose job. While a typical surgical nose job costs about $10k these days, we can accomplish the same outcomes, at a tenth of the price, in 10 minutes, with 0 downtime. You're going out to lunch the same day with your new nose with results lasting about 12-18 months. Surprisingly, about half of our liquid rhinoplasty patients are patients who have had surgical nose jobs and are unhappy with their results. As nonsurgical intervention becomes the increasing goto in the aesthetic industry, liquid nose jobs are just the start of achieving dream results with absolutely no downtime at all!”

The Kaga Academy specializes in subtle, natural results via non-surgical procedures, hence why Dr. Kaga was asked to weigh in on such a revolutionary advancement within the aesthetic realm.

The Kaga Academy implements a holistic medicinal approach to achieve patients’ desired appearances. Because Dr. Kaga offers free consultations, you really must inquire if you're curious!

Before & After of a liquid rhinoplasty performed at The Kaga Academy of Aesthetic & Concierge Medicine in Red Bank, NJ.Dr. Mai Kaga

The photo above is a before and after of a liquid rhinoplasty performed at The Kaga Academy in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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