NJ Fashion Icon Maria Molino Weighs in on Fendi's Show at NY Fashion Week 2022

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Maria Molino, head-to-toe. in 2022 Fendi.Kyle DeVesty

When Fendi and Versace came together for Fendace, waves were made within the fashion community. Two luxury fashion brands collaborating, uniting, and becoming something iconic.

Since the reverberation was made by their initial collaboration, hundreds of other respectable names within the high-end fashion world have been bidding with Fendi in hopes of creating something of the same caliber.

During New York Fashion Week 2022, the most worthy collaborations were recognized on Fendi’s runway as this year marked the 25th anniversary of the Fendi Baguette.

In 2019, Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing a Baguette on the set of the Sex in the City sequel – And Just Like That… – which confirmed its classic reputation. Fendi has released numerous variations of the iconic Baguette over the past 25 years, all of them making the mark.

In terms of iconicism, Maria Molino was vital in this story. As someone who has sat front row at Fendi’s shows, seen the collections over the years, and worn them, she – within her own right – has facilitated Fendi’s iconicism.

Henceforward, this story is not about what – it’s about who.

Maria Molino attended the Fendi fashion show at NY Fashion Week 2022.Kyle DeVesty

Maria was crucial in figuring out what Fendi was up to. Before fashion week, anything regarding the Baguette anniversary was EXTREMELY hush-hush. According to the original release regarding the Sarah Jessica Parker collaboration, Fendi announced only three bags: metallic leather, mink, and cashmere – which were actually re-releases of original Fendi Baguettes.

The Sarah Jessica Parker collaboration Baguettes were officially pink, purple, blue, and green gradient (shimmery,) each priced at USD 7600, with interchangeable hardware and a collector’s box.

After attending Fendi’s shows and seeing everything ‘in the flesh,’ Maria Molino helped illustrate the element of artistry. Fendi has the reputation it has for a reason, everything from NYFW22 for Fendi stood out. Sarah Jessica Parker's Baguettes with Fendi were the tip of the iceberg.

Fendi has a waitlist on certain pieces, especially those with a certain artistic value. Designers release a few signature pieces fetching very high price tags for different reasons: the materials, the quantity made, and it being what it is: fashion.

These three factors, and perhaps a few more, differentiate between designer pieces and designer exclusivity. Despite a higher price tag on these particular items, they're highly sought after. Generally, exotic pieces fetching higher prices are more desirable to individuals looking to flaunt.

Maria, who recognizes the artistic effort designers make, draws the line at furs and skins, which is respectable. It’s also extremely important to note that she didn’t mix Fendi apparel when she attended any of Fendi's shows. Maria stayed true to Fendi's seasonal collections – continuing to solidify her credibility for both Fendi and this article.

Maria says, “I’ve always been drawn to fashion, it’s never been about showing off for me.” Maria also explains how Instagram and social media defame fashion, but that’s another story.

This year at NY Fashion Week, the most incredible pieces – by all counts – were from the Fendi collaboration with Tiffany & Co. The Baguettes have the signature Tiffany blue color in satin, leather, or crocodile, and all have the classic Tiffany’s silver hardware. Guess which one starts at USD 140,000.

Tiffany & Co. and Fendi collaboration Baguette in crocodile.(@tiffanyandco/Instagram)

Supermodel Bella Hadid wore the crocodile version of Tiffany & Co. and Fendi’s collaboration on the runway for the 25th anniversary of Fendi’s Baguette at NYFW22.

Disagree if you must as Fendi strutted so many beautiful and unique pieces during New York Fashion Week 2022.

Tiffany & Co. and Fendi collaboration Baguette in leather.(@tiffanyandco/Instagram)

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