Eat Clean Bro's 9/11 Memorial BBQ Brings a Community Together for the 3rd Year in a Row - "We Haven't Forgotten"

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Eat Clean Bro has set a standard in 9/11 Memorials based on how strong their love for America truly shone through on Sunday!Anthony Serrantonio

Rain could not have stifled the momentum behind Eat Clean Bro’s September 11th Memorial BBQ on Sunday evening. Now for the third year, the New Jersey-based meal prep company has hosted an event commemorating September 11, 2001.

Eat Clean Bro’s founders, Jamie and Kayla Giovinazzo, have made it their objective to create something special for people who suffered that day and their children – and their children’s children. Their efforts to monumentalize this day have created a lasting impression on the younger generation and will continue to do so for ages to come.
Jamie & Kayla Giovinazzo, founders of Eat Clean Bro, hosted a 9/11 Memorial event worthy of going down in history books.Anthony Serrantonio

In 2020, when New York’s former Governor Cuomo said he wasn’t going to shine New York’s 9/11 Memorial Lights because of COVID, Eat Clean Bro’s founder Jaimie said, “We’re going to light the sky ourselves.” And that’s exactly what they did. They have continued to hold this event now for three years in a row.
Eat Clean Bro lit up the sky on Sunday evening in honor of September 11.Anthony Serrantonio

ECB founder Jamie Giovinazzo will be recognized next month for his philanthropic efforts. Lunch Break of Monmouth County, New Jersey will be awarding Jamie Giovinazzo with the Corporate Platnum Partner Award. Eat Clean Bro has donated hundreds of thousands of meals through Lunch Break to children, families, the elderly, and other Monmouth County residents struggling for food.
Jamie Giovinazzo doing what he does best.Anthony Serrantonio

Eatontown is home to the take-out restaurant’s newest and most advanced location. The state-of-the-art facility neighbors Middletown which lost 37 lives – the most lives of any NJ town – on September 11, 2001.
Eat Clean Bro focused on making the event for the children - the children of the children who experienced the day 21 years ago.Anthony Serrantonio

Kayla Giovinazzo, Creative Director and co-founder of Eat Clean Bro says, “Although it is very fun for the children, it’s very emotional for the adults. There was a group of 30 kids last year running around waving American flags.”
Kayla Giovinazzo raffled off lots of fun prizes, proceeds went to local first responders.Anthony Serrantonio

Kayla continues, “The ‘United We Stand’ and ‘Never Forget’ have never left. We haven’t forgotten. We want our children to know how we felt that day, as families, as a country. Today, 21 years later, we still stand united.”

Sunday evening’s event had an entire corner dedicated to children. Kids’ coloring books were titled “God Bless America,” there were red white, and blue sweets, a bouncy house, patriotic bracelet-making kits, and SO much more. Every detail was considered as the Kid’s Corner was focused on sharing the feeling of patriotism with the children of the children that experienced September 11.
Every detail was considered, red white, and blue treats were one of the many highlights of the evening. Spread by: @Jackie.O.OreoAnthony Serrantonio

Considering it was hosted by one of the finest in the food game, the food served was impeccable. They served ribs, burgers, hot dogs, clams, mac and cheese (the way they made it was heavenly,) beef shoulder, and everything else in between. Again, paying keen attention to detail, the menu was as American as it could have been!

A massive American Flag hung on the side of Eat Clean Bro’s new facility, and under the flag were letter lights that read, “God Bless America.”

While everything was well-presented and thought out, the most noteworthy aspect of the event on a rainy September 11, 2022 evening was how the lights sighing up into the sky were glittering. As a result of the rainy weather, the laser lights created a rainbow, glittery effect as they were projected into the sky. It made the evening that much more incredible.

A video of the entire event can be seen here.

Twenty-one years since the day, memorial events are becoming more common – Eat Clean Bro has set a standard in 9/11 Memorials based on how strong their love for America truly shone through on Sunday!

As community leaders, Jamie and Kayla Giovinazzo are humble New Jerseyans who were genuinely excited about being able to create a spark of joy on an otherwise sad and rainy day.
@ShopFineFlowers designed the most stunning bouquets, of course in red white, and blue!Anthony Serrantonio
Sunday's 9/11 Memorial BBQ was a star-studded event, Jamie Giovinazzo is pictured with Mike The Situation and Zach Clayton.Anthony Serrantonio
Vendors, Sponsors & Contributors at Eat Clean Bro's 9/11 Memorial.Anthony Serrantonio

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