Digging Deeper into Laser Hair Removal

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So many readers reached out to both myself, and Dr. Ram after the last article on Laser Hair Removal in NJ with excellent questions on the topic that weren’t answered during the last segment – so of course, we had to make a Part 2!

Be sure to send in ALL your skincare questions to get the answers you need! The comments are open and the professionals are linked on all topics – SO many more good skin days are coming, stay tuned!

A deep dive into the world of laser hair removal.(mladenbalinovac/iStock)

Q: Can someone get laser hair removal during pregnancy?

A: "While there are no harmful effects, the laser is a form of light and not X-ray or radiation, it is standard practice not to perform energy-based cosmetic treatments during pregnancy."

Q: Why laser hair removal is not being offered by many plastic surgeons or dermatologists? 

A: "It is a choice and niche of individual physicians. It takes a lot of time and the revenue is not comparable to performing a facelift surgery or a dermatologic surgery or a dermatological consult of 10-15 minutes, covered by insurance."

Q: Is there something called full-body laser hair removal?

A: "As we discussed before, there is nothing like full-body laser hair removal. This is because all areas of the body are not suitable for laser treatments. If the hair is very thin and baby-hair peach fuzz types, it should not be touched with lasers."

Q: Why is laser hair removal not covered by insurance or cannot be used with FSA/HSA plan? 

A: "Health insurance is for health. So are the FSA and HSA plans. Laser hair removal is an elective and optional cosmetic procedure that is not considered a medical necessity."

Q: Why is there a need for touch-ups or maintenance sessions?

A: "A laser can destroy the hair follicles that are in the growing phase at the time of the procedure. A laser can not prevent your body from producing new hair follicles, under hormonal and genetic influences. Hence it is necessary to get regular maintenance sessions. The frequency of maintenance sessions is more for the face and neck and less for the body, especially the bikini, legs, and underarms."

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