New Jersey Passes Law Allowing Hair Salons to Go Mobile - Like Food Trucks - Economic Shift Expected

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Hair salons are about to get a makeover in New Jersey!(delfina pan/Unsplash)

Starting November, hair salons will have the same capabilities as food trucks in New Jersey!

Bill S2996 was voted on in November 2021 and is set to take effect in November 2022.

While initially introduced to provide relief to struggling businesses over the last couple of years, specifically hair salons, this unique New Jersey law is expected to have a rather large economic impact.

After November 2022, you may start seeing vans and trucks on the roads offering on-location hair services! Yes! A new New Jersey law will allow beauty salons to go mobile!

To the consumer, this is awesome! While it may take the same effort required to pick up a phone or go online to book an appointment, you will soon have the option of having beauty professionals coming to you instead of having to cut time out of your day to go to the salon.

In terms of who could benefit from this – everyone – specifically stay-at-home moms, professionals, children, bridal clientele, and anyone requiring an up-do!

Regardless of the excitement, some salon owners and employees are worried about this new service option is the thing to make or break their businesses. 

Clearly, in 2022, convenience is key. But could this new law make life too convenient for people so that they drop their long-time hair salons?

The option seems cool, but after a few years of struggle, not all salons are ready to move forward. The salons still struggling may end up kicking the bucket when this new law begins to take effect and more salons are serving up convenience.

Fortunately, people will always be in need of haircuts and styling services. So, no matter what direction Bill S2996 goes in, it’s cool to be in New Jersey while it’s happening as New Jersey has quite the reputation for doing hair!

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