New Jersey's Hummingbirds Have Sophisticated Taste

Bridget Mulroy
A male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.(Joshua J. Cotten/Unsplash)

New Jersey’s Hummingbirds prefer Domino sugar over other brands of sugar. Case closed. 

This is not a sponsored ad for Domino sugar. This is written exclusively for the hummingbird-lover wondering how they can have hummingbirds visit their gardens more frequently – because it won’t happen with other white sugar brands – at least it didn’t for me.

If you’ve read any of my other publications about New Jersey’s hummingbirds, you may know I’ve only started trying to attract them this season.

From April until June, I used an off-brand sugar from my local Wegmans. I'd see a hummingbird a day, maybe two – if I was lucky. While it was early in their migration back from Central America, my garden was a new feeding spot for them, and they weren’t yet familiar with me, I'm convinced the sugar switch was what they were looking for.

As soon as I picked up a bag of Domino sugar and used it for hummingbird food, they started visiting my garden every ten minutes! I've also begun seeing more than one at a time. 

Before using Domino sugar, I had no idea it was a brand of sugar they may have preferred. The only thing I knew for sure was that the sugar I used needed to be white granulated sugar. I’ll say this every time, hummingbirds can NOT consume powdered sugar, brown sugar, or any other form of sugar aside from white granulated sugar – it will kill them!

After seeing the Domino Effect (I’m calling it,) I wanted to be sure that Domino sugar wasn’t bad for them. Upon looking, Domino has a recipe for hummingbird nectar on their website! You can find their recipe here!

While Domino also uses the tried and true 1:4 ratio of sugar to water, they don’t give any indication as to why their product is causing so many hummingbirds to be flocking to my garden. In the meantime, I’m not complaining!

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