New NJ Law Will Either Expose Businesses, or Help Them!

Bridget Mulroy
All businesses will be affected by New Jersey's new law.(Clay Banks/Unsplash)

Most people are aware of an additional charge that occurs when making purchases with a debit or credit card. 

Believe it or not, it happens just about anywhere! 

A new law in New Jersey would ensure businesses make patrons aware of the additional upcharge!

Wherever you shop, consumers can expect an additional 1.5 - 3.5 % (reported by Beach Radio) tacked onto purchases. The practice is most common with merchants preferring payment in cash – restaurants are especially known to add these fees.

Until now, restaurants, businesses, and establishments have been implementing the additional fee. Unsuspecting customers were paying the percentage without so much as a warning! (

A reaction to this is anticipated. Views on paying with cash vs. plastic vary – and no one wants to pay more for anything than they need to!

This change, and knowledge, will allow consumers to better prepare for a night out – depending on where you go!

Running a business is expensive, this change will allow consumers the opportunity to budget.

This change is much less drastic than it sounds.

Merchants were not extorting upcharges on customers. They’ve been staying in business.

For smaller businesses, notifying customers of a potential price increase reinforces trust.

Businesses in New Jersey could be required to notify their patrons of a potential price increase. 

Bear in mind, big businesses and corporations in New Jersey operate on a larger scale.

The question is, who will suffer more with this new law in New Jersey? 

A.) Consumers 

B.) Small businesses

C.) Corporations

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