Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: The Verdict

Bridget Mulroy
Amber Heard is eternally in debt.(@WhistleWhileYouTwerkPodcast/Instagram)

Amber Heard lost the case, and she has NO money to pay Johnny.

People around the country followed the lawsuit, “Depp [sued] for $50 million after Heard wrote an article claiming she was a victim of domestic violence where Depp was the abuser. Heard [counter sued] for $100 million,” from a NewsBreak article titled Developments in Johnny Depp’s Defamation Lawsuit.

Obviously, by now, everyone is wondering if the case was staged since Depp is the only one in the situation who may have been able to rectify the debt on the lawsuit.

Heard promised $7M to two different organizations after her divorce settlement, and failed to do so. She built her case on how she couldn't fulfill her promise on that pledge.

“She pledged to donate $7 million from her divorce settlement to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. ACLU executive Terence Dougherty testified that the organization received only $1.3 million from Heard,” from the same article.

Heard’s credibility has come into question. She has become the poster child for the term gold-digger.

Whistle While You Twerk Podcast has thoroughly reported on the matter as they followed the trial and weighed in as more developments have surfaced.

“Her only career option now is Onlyfans. She will never act again because she is a liar-liar, thong on fire! She's lucky if Johnny has the heart to wave the judgment so she's not broke, bankrupt, and unemployed. And on top of that, She still has to fork up the $7M from her and Johnny's divorce settlement that she pledged to those charities.”

In Whistle While You Twerk’s most recent post regarding Amber Heard’s debt,



#AmberHeard is in hot waters having to cough up the $8.35 Million in damages she owes her ex-husband #JohnnyDepp, who sued the “Aquaman” actress for defamation after her Washington Post Op-Ed in 2018, where she implied the actor abused her.

Johnny desperately wanted to once and for all clear his name for “truth and justice” as his excellent lawyer put it. He claims her allegations impacted his tremendous career drastically. 🏴‍☠️

Heard [absolutely] plans to appeal the unanimous verdict received by the court on the 3rd day of deliberations that favored with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. A partial win was granted to Amber, who was awarded $2M in compensatory damages.

Factored in his wins ($10.35 M), Amber owes money she simply doesn’t have totaling to $8.35 Million. She should be thanking her lucky stars it wasn’t the maximum of $50M!

If Heard cannot pay the defamation judgment she can either appeal the judgment, her wages could be seized, she could file for bankruptcy, or Depp could decide to waive the judgment. If she files for bankruptcy it could get rid of the $10 million she owes but she likely would still be responsible for the $350,000 in punitive damages.

In addition to her appeal, Amber counter-sued Johnny for $100M, but after what suppressed evidence was displayed on her behalf, chances of winning are slim to none…

Being “disappointed beyond words,” the actress (who posed for pictures while on the witness stand) claims the decision made is a “setback” for women and undermines “rights as an American.” 🙄 Her lawyer told the “Today Show” that Amber is “unable to pay” the total damages…guess she’s gotta sell some of her luxury possessions!

Meanwhile a “humbled” Johnny thanked the jury in a statement posted on his #Instagram (swipe for post ➡️)

Happy for Johnny.

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Eventually, the deliberation on whether or not Amber Heard is a Gold Digger is upon the public.

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