Violent Volcanic Eruption With 7.2 Earthquake

Bridget Mulroy
Molten lava cascades 'Sharkcano' Island.(Tanya Grypachevskaya/Unsplash)

This week, there have been more than five earthquakes over 5.0. There have been ten this week alone.

The strongest so far has been in Peru. The magnitude was 7.2. 

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS,) the following earthquakes have hit above the 5.0 magnitude threshold.

5.0 Tonga

5.1 Constitución, Chile

5.5 Santa María Ecatepec, Mexico

5.6 Port Vila, Vanuatu

6.2 Southern East Pacific Rise

6.3 536 miles from Tonga

6.4 Southeast Loyalty Islands

6.4 286 miles from Vanuatu

6.0 96 miles from Tokyo, Japan

7.2 Southern, Peru

Earthquakes happen regularly — maybe not this powerful — and the week is still young.

Last week, more than thirty earthquakes took place around the world. 

Some seismic activity is expected, and modernization will allow for increased detection of these events.

The increase in seismic activity may be correlated to the recent lunar, solar, and overall celestial activity.

Today, scientists witnessed the underwater eruption of a “Sharkcano,” via satellite.

This particular eruption occurred at a hot spring in the Kavachi Volcano region under the Southwest Pacific Ocean. 

The name Sharkcano comes from an island in the center of volcanic activity where two species of sharks are most commonly sighted.

According to Space, “The sharks appear quite tolerant to the acidic conditions, given that Kavachi is ‘one of the most active submarine volcanoes in the Pacific,’ as [NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center] Goddard tweeted Sunday (May 22).”

Earthquakes of this magnitude are not common. One could only wonder if something stronger is coming.

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