New Jersey's Eat Clean Bro is Seriously Up-Scaling, Bro!

Bridget Mulroy
A Chicken Cobb Salad is one of Eat Clean Bro's newest menu additions!(@EatCleanBro/Instagram)

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If you are from New Jersey or have ever driven on the Turnpike, you know Eat Clean Bro. The meal delivery service claimed its stake in prepared food in 2013 with $300 and the goal of bringing healthy food to people’s tables.

Kayla Giovinazzo and husband Jamie Giovinazzo, founders of Eat Clean Bro, have delivered on that goal, and then some – pun intended! Their organic start has allowed them to maintain their focus on people – since they are people and not just a corporation.

In terms of competition, the last few decades have been full of advances in food delivery.

Think about it. Thirty years ago, you would call a pizza restaurant and hope it arrived in under an hour. As timely delivery became a more visceral focus within the food industry, businesses began to compete with those who could deliver the fastest.

Today, in 2022, ordering food has been adopted into most families’ routines. Whether it’s a McRestaurant or your favorite place up the road, most people order food for about 30% of the month. Statistica took regional statistics from other food delivery services (Postmates, Caviar, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub) over the last five years – the shift in demand for ready-made food is real!

What sets Eat Clean Bro apart from these other services is in their name; clean food. Other food platforms have made fast food most readily available, where healthier options have always been difficult to find – and trust. Confidently ordering food is something not all Americans consider since convenience has taken over.

Over nearly a decade, Eat Clean Bro has married the concepts of nutritional food and convenience – if nutrition is even a concept. It’s an aspect of the business yet to be mastered by other mainstream food delivery platforms.

The New Jersey company branched out to Duluth, Georgia last year – the first regional location outside New Jersey. While still dominating the Garden State (and some of the tri-state,) up-scaling its position in New Jersey facilitates them bringing healthier food to more people around the country, not just in New Jersey!

The new place is a whopping twenty thousand square feet and will allow them to maximize the orders they fulfill. Freehold, Point Plesant, and now Eatontown will be pick-up locations in New Jersey. An opening date for Eatendown is still to be determined, but know it is very much happening, and you heard about it here first!

Families, senior citizens, college kids, and anyone with a healthy appetite can avail of the services Eat Clean Bro provides. With over a hundred diet-friendly options, everyone is sure to find something (or ten things) they love.

The process is also simple.

Order (before midnight for next-day delivery,) then they cook and deliver. Eat Clean Bro’s customer service is also something to be modeled – they care about the food they’re dispatching – and the people eating it.

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