Congress Meets to Discuss UFOs

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Congress holds the first formal meeting on UFO/UAPs in over 50 years!(@Denis-Art/iStock)

Yes! You read the title correctly. Wipe any smudge from your eyes because you’re going to want to fully take this in.

For the first time in fifty years – five decades – United States officials have held a meeting on unidentified flying objects – YES! UFOs.

Congress held a meeting in response to a report concluded from data over the last year; 144 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena since 2004.

This meeting has been the first [documented] on the issue in over half a century, and long story short, the United States government has fully and undoubtedly acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial life. 

However, two important things must be stated. 

One, and most recently, the United States government acknowledged the existence of other life forms within our galaxy, announced as of September of 2021

Two, the wording of the responses from the government officials is open to such a significant amount of interpretation. While they clearly outline their observations – in as formal a manner as you’d expect from United States military officials – the unknown is ever-present within this topic.

Circling back, the United States government held a meeting to discuss UFO sightings. Officials provided video footage to aid in illustrating the unexplained phenomena.

By new terminology, formerly UFOs are now known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs.) Officials have reported 

In a Tweet, Representative Adam Schiff says the “American people deserve full transparency.” 

Congress is intrigued by the findings from the report and is “focused less on the possibility of alien life and more on the implications for US national security and aviation safety,” according to Al Jazeera.

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