How A Doula Suggests Tackling the Formula Shortage

Bridget Mulroy
Ashley Tancredi Holistic DoulaAshley Tancredi

Ashley Tancredi is a certified Doula serving New Jersey and the greater Tri-State area. In light of the current formula shortage, she’s offered helpful advice for parents enduring the crisis.

“Any woman can lactate – even one that hasn't had a baby before! Sometimes, orgasm brings it on and you'll leak a little bit. Grandmothers can also relactate to feed their grandchildren!

Relactating takes time, but it can be done if you put in the work!”

Tancredi goes into detail as moms around the country are entering panic mode and worrying about food for their babies.

“Constant nipple stimulation (ie pumping every 2 hours – even if nothing comes out, and skin to skin with baby) releases the hormone prolactin, which is needed to make milk.

Tancredi suggests upgrading to a hospital-grade pump since they are stronger. She adds, “On the holistic side of things, there are plenty of herbs, teas, and tinctures you can take to increase your supply!”

She urges moms not to become discouraged – especially now. “Those little drops you get are so beneficial, even if you still have to supplement with formula give baby!”

Aside from being a lactation connoisseur, Tancredi is an experienced and [substantially] equipped birthing doula. “What sets me aside from other doulas is I don't focus only on birth. I'm trained in trauma healing, spirituality, and herbal medicine – which all contribute to the perfect birth. I help my clients truly learn about themselves, and their bodies, so they’re empowered to facilitate the birth they deserve. Energy is stored in the body; negative energy can heavily impact the outcome of a birth.”

She wants to remind readers, “I am certainly not for everyone, but if you put your trust in me I can help you have the best possible outcome of your dream birth.” If you’ve ever had a baby and the birth plan didn’t go to plan, consider a doula since Tancredi’s record speaks for itself.

“One of the most unique and bespoke services I offer [if both partners are open,] I do sound bath sessions with singing bowls and a shaman drum, I also do visualization meditation.”

Any parents stressing now about the formula crisis, how to start production, or pregnancy-related concerns, you will have the opportunity to ask the doula whatever questions you may have over Instagram Live this Wednesday at 6 pm.
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