Palm Lines & How to Read Them

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Anyone looking beyond for answers to questions that can otherwise not be answered, look no further. The following is a complete breakdown of a universal universe guide.

Believe it or not, palm reading has less to do with psychic abilities and more to do with how a person uses their hands. Hands can tell a story, and the psychic ability has allowed for more enlightening interpretations.

The lines on our palms, everyone has them. Perhaps to some, they are just there. To others, they possess a meaning.

Generally, there are four lines. Four lines that some believe dictate a person’s life.

The Head Line is known for wisdom. It’s looked at as one of the most important lines to read as it alludes to intellectual and intuitive development. Here is a solid breakdown of how the Head Line is perceived.

The Life Line is equally as important. It’s the line that tells you about your health and overall vitality. 

The Heart Line tells of love. Past, future, and present; the heart line is usually the most accurate – with or without a psychic. 

The Stability Line signifies resilience. In this line, depth and length are most important. This line determines how a person rebounds or bounces back from a situation.

On some hands, these lies will branch out and elaborate on potential deeper meanings, but generally speaking, these lines are enough to interpret.

Important things to consider before interpreting each line: the depth of each line, the length of each line, the shape of each line, the shape of the hand, and which hand is dominant (righty vs. lefty.)

The significance of earth, fire, air, and water are considered during more thorough palm readings.

While these rules are general, they are clear to anyone who practices reading palms. This universal understanding reaffirms the practice going much deeper than the metaphysical.

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