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Ground Beef Recall Drives Food Costs To All-Time High

Bridget Mulroy

E. Coli Warning!(Cat Lane/iStock)

Over 120,000 pounds of ground beef were recalled last week due to exposure to E. Coli. The meat came from a plant in New Jersey. Lakeside Food Services in Swedesboro, New Jersey had to pull more than sixty tons of beef from circulation due to the threat of E.Coli.

E. Coli (Escherichia coli) presents a health hazard in food when ingested. It will remain in the digestive tract where it will break down the lining of the intestines. Some cases have been severe, but it is possible to recover without requiring medical intervention. 

The bacteria is in undercooked ground beef, produce grown in manure, produce washed in contaminated water, and unpasteurized dairy products. It is spread from person to person and poses a threat to anyone who doesn’t regularly wash their hands, specifically children.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) comprised a list of the products that were recalled. You can find the list here and check to see if anything in your fridge or freezer needs to go.

Tossing food, recalls, supply issues, E. Coli, all of these things have now exacerbated the prices of food. As if food costs weren't already rising, this issue has caused the price of ground beef to nearly double. 

Families are feeling it this week as ground beef is either out of stock, or untainted supplies have become worth their weight in gold. The meat processing factory will take some time to rebound from this incident. There is no telling when prices on ground beef are expected to regulate.

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