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Ferrari Showcases Lux Restyling in South Amboy

Bridget Mulroy
A Ferrari F8 that was showcased at Ferrari of Central New Jersey in April.Stephen Stasiulewicz

Not many people know, but to own a Ferrari is an exclusive honor. When the cars are built, they’re first made available to a small group of people. The official Ferrari Owner’s Club has only thirteen thousand members around the world.

Older Ferrari models are the easiest for consumers to get their hands on because the cars are more likely to be for sale by a prior owner. Ferrari dealerships select preferred customers when someone intends to buy a new Ferrari. No one can walk into a Ferrari dealership and walk out with a brand new model without being a member of The Club

So when people can get them, the alterations new owners put into the cars almost always translate to artwork.

Ferrari of Central New Jersey in Edison, the only Ferrari dealership in New Jersey, hosted an event in April that drew a great deal of attention. Auto fanatics from all over the country have been buzzing about two particular cars that attended the event.

The cars that captured the country's attention were a red Ferrari F8 and a limited edition purple Lamborghini Ultimae; both designed by the same aftermarket company. People have been wondering who was behind the creations, so the search began. [Cars are pictured below.]

The particular detailing group took a little tracking down. Most luxury and exotic car detailer companies are close to New York. Since there are so many of them around New York City, there is a limited variation. 

Once the facility was located, it was clear why they were outside of the city – and featured at Ferrari of Central New Jersey.

Lux Restyling is tucked away in South Amboy, New Jersey. They’re hidden just well enough to remain the best-kept secret – until now – in luxury and exotic car remodeling. 

While not everyone can afford a Ferrari, what Lux Restyling managed to display at Ferrari of Central New Jersey had car enthusiasts around the country raving.

Stephen Stasiulewicz is the sole owner and one of the team members at the state-of-the-art facility. His office displays magazine spreads and photographs of cars he’s won awards for, and projects he’s proud of. 

While each car featured is beautiful, one of the most impressive pieces was a Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) award given by Rides Magazine for a remodification for the [then] upcoming year’s Hyundai Genesis Sedan in 2008. [Pictured.] A SEMA award is an incredibly significant achievement; Stasiulewicz influenced the preproduction design of the illustrious Genesis from Hyundai.

The company has attended other events and competitions in the past, but as the caliper of car they prefer to work with has become more pedigreed, their presence at events these days (like the Ferrari event in Edison, New Jersey) is becoming more of celebrity status. You have to remember they create art.

Lux Restyling has a very humble beginning. Stasiulewicz started working on his Honda while he was still in school. Through that car, he learned how customizable cars could be and a passion grew as he began to recognize his talent. 

Twenty-five years later, Lux Restyling is selected by numerous luxury car owners due to its established reputation, expertise, and handiwork. 

The business officially launched in 2009, but before, during, and after the grand opening, Stasiulewicz has had his hands busy working on plenty of other jaw-dropping projects under Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, and Mitsubishi. [See photographs below.]

The South Amboy facility is the only authorized sales location in the region for Novitec aftermarket performance upgrades. Novitec designs upgrades only for luxury cars and Lux Restyling can access the modification options for their clients without hassle.

Integraed laser systems are also in high demand on lavish cars. Customers are waiting on a list to have these systems installed by Lux Restyling; and for a good reason – they’re the best in the business!

As artists, the team at Lux Restyling maintains a unique bond with their customers. Clients hand over their cars to be redesigned and completely transformed. Trust is one of the most important qualities Lux Restyling looks to obtain with all of their clients; even before negotiating the terms of their business together. This level of trust blossoms into an individualized appreciation for the work and ability.

The team designs all sorts of cars, even non-exotic names, and they do everything from altering performance aspects to aesthetics. Everything is also done by hand once it’s designed by the shop leads and consulted by the team as a whole. 

Barry, shop foreman, and Stasiulewicz’s right-hand man, “I love doing this stuff, ya know? Every day it’s a different thing.” The enthusiasm is ever so genuine, “you have the freedom to do whatever you want.” 

Barry continues to explain, “we’ll come up with an idea for something and we can offer it to the customer, and they’re like,” he paused and smiled. The pride on his face said it all; the reason the buzz was created in the first place. The event hosted by Ferrari of Central New Jersey was a stunning example of the artistic ability Lux Restyling has.

The team is small and close. It consists of seven workers each skilled in metal fabrication, performance, mechanical, woodwork, paint, detailing, bodywork, upholstery, and leatherwork. Each team member is universally talented and has earned their position working with the aftermarket company.

To look under the hood at Lux Restyling, check out the photos of their facility. The cars showcased at Ferrari of Central New Jersey are also included below.

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F8 - back.Stephen Stasiulewicz
Ferrari love.Stephen Stasiulewicz
Barry, shop foreman at Lux Restyling in South Amboy.(@lux_restyling/Instagram)
The F8 that was on display in Edison.(@lux_restyling/Instagram)
The Lamborghini that created all the buzz.(@lux_restyling/Instagram)
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
Inside the Lux Restyling garage.Bridget Mulroy
AwardsBridget Mulroy
Awards.Bridget Mulroy
SEMA Award 2008.Bridget Mulroy
SEMA Award 2008.Bridget Mulroy

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