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Celebrating Four Local Moms this Mother's Day

Bridget Mulroy

While most mothers deserve recognition this coming Sunday for the hard work and dedication they put into their families, the following women deserve a little extra attention.

Meet the Mompreneurs!

Amanda Neubart

For about ten years before she became a mother [to her now almost 3-year-old,] Amanda enjoyed making wire-wrapped jewelry. She proudly wore the jewelry she designed – and people noticed. Her hobby turned into a business when she realized the high demand for her designs.

Today, she teaches classes in beadwork and wire-wrapping techniques at The Birds and the Beads in Morganville, New Jersey! The Birds and the Beads are family-owned and the only jewelry supply shop in the area.

Amanda has shared her craft with everyone from children at birthday parties to pensioners – everyone wanting to experiment in the art of jewelry-making.

Her next class is scheduled this Saturday at The Birds and the Beads in Morganville from 11 am until 1 pm! Maybe (hint hint) surprise mom with a fun day out. You can reserve your spots here!

Some of Amanda’s work is for sale, but you’ll have to look through her Instagram to see what is still available. Each of her designs is one-of-a-kind and very popular. Reach out to her about custom pieces as well!

Amanda’s partner, Cody Parker, also operates a business. Cody has expanded his business, Drop the Beet Farms, exponentially with her help. Amanda successfully holds the home down and still gives herself the time required to grow her own business. Navigating their partnership as parents have nurtured their respective businesses – and overall success as a family.

Amanda plans to continue learning new ways to create the jewelry she loves. She also intends to host more classes and specialized events in the future. If you’re interested in booking with Amanda, all information is linked below!


Instagram: @panda__eve & @dropthebeetfarms

No caption needed!(@panda__eve/Instagram)
Amanda makes each piece differently, no two are the same.(@panda__eve/Instagram)
Hammered pieces are another reason her customers obsess over her work.(@panda__eve/Instagram)
Class at The Birds and the BeadsAmanda Neubart
Taught by Amanda, a class member makes their own design.Amanda Neubart
Another class member's design.Amanda Neubart

Judith Edwards

Judith is a mom of one living in Central New Jersey. Her daughter is currently two years old. Like most parents when the pandemic hit, Judith stressed over finding things to do that were fun but struggled to find activities that wouldn’t become boring – until her brilliant idea struck!

Thanks to Judith’s innovative way of thinking, she came up with safe, fun, and interactive activities to keep her child busy during the pandemic. When she realized how happy the baby was, and her talent for organizing detailed activities, she began to expand on organized events for other people.

“My daughter was [born] a few months before COVID. I felt horrible that she hadn’t had the chance to socialize with other children, and I knew other moms in the same boat,” explains Judith. Her mission now is to organize events for kids to socialize and for moms to meet other moms!

Before becoming a mother, Judith was teaching when the pandemic hit. She developed a keen love for working with children which drove her desire to create something for them to be happy about. She struggled to see her students looking for fun during that uncertain time.

OS Picnics was born in the springtime of 2021 when Judith decided she was determined to bring fun and excitement back into children’s lives. Judith’s business name was inspired by her daughter, Olivia Symone, hence OS Picnics.

As the name suggests, picnics are one of the most popular party concepts OS Picnics has organized; but Judith doesn’t stop there. Do look into the website and photographs added below because she has officially blown parties out of the water. Judith has pulled off stunning weddings, proposals, date nights, other themed children’s parties, Cookies with Santa, Easter Egg Hunts, etcetera!

Her reviews speak for themselves as OS Picnics’ customers are raving! Every event presented by OS Picnics has left party-goers in awe. Check out Judith’s website and socials to book your next event!





Booking & Enquiries:
OS Picnics is the best for a reason.Judith Edwards
An Easter Egg Hunt was outfitted by none other than OS Picnics.Judith Edwards
A special evening for two.Judith Edwards
Sign reads, "Jessica, will you marry me?"Judith Edwards
Be sure to book one of their famous picnics this summer!Judith Edwards

Ashley Nelson

Mother to three children under four years old, Ashley is a doula! That alone deserves recognition on Mother’s Day! After a traumatic first birth experience, Ashley vowed that she would never let another woman experience what she had gone through – so she became a doula!

“I help guide mothers in the physical, mental, and most importantly, spiritual aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum,” explains Ashley.

Her expertise in the birthing process covers a variety of practices while still maintaining the sacred bond between mother and child. She’s trained in Whapio, Rebozo, and Indie birthing methodology, placenta encapsulation specialist (a highly sought-after method of preserving the placenta after birth.) Not all doulas are trained in these practices – Ashley is!

To top it off, she grows herbs for pregnancy and postpartum packages for her clients. Ashley makes yoni steams, womb-strengthening teas, and elderberry syrup for immune support.

As an energy worker and intuitive, her postpartum packages are bespoke to her clients’ individual needs. She creates capsules, salves, and tinctures from the placenta as well as an incredible, and extremely individualized “placenta print,” [pictured.]

A “placenta print” takes the concept of a painted leaf print on paper, but uses the placenta and umbilical cord to create a unique paint-printed image. Ashley’s artistic twist on this type of art has women wanting to have babies solely for the desire to have her do this for them someday.

Ashley’s holistic perspective on life has influenced a great deal of New Jersey moms, and each of them is grateful for her sharing her knowledge. Her talents don’t stop within the realm of childbirth, check out her socials linked below!

Ashley, known on Instagram as @trippingthruspacentime, will be going live on Instagram on Friday evening with another Mompreneur, Elaina Chamberlin (Instagram: @_the_travelling_trainer_.) Expecting mothers, whatever questions you may have about the birthing process or pregnancy, Friday is your chance to ask child-birthing pros!


Instagram: @trippingthruspacentime


She serves NJ, NY, and PA. Enquire about location specifics.
Ashley during her first pregnancy.Ashley Nelson
@trippingthruspacentime will be going live on Instagram on Friday evening! Expecting mothers, tune in!Ashley Nelson
Step 1 in Ashley's placenta print process.Ashley Nelson
Step 2 in Ashley's process.Ashley Nelson
The final products!Ashley Nelson
Trust the process.Ashley Nelson
Ashley's homemade herbal remedies.Ashley Nelson
Her herbal mixtures are created to meet the individual needs of each client.Ashley Nelson

Tessa Catto

Tessa Catto is the mother to an almost 2-year-old whom she refers to as “the light” of her life. As an artist specializing in watercolors, her work focuses on birth, motherhood, women, family, and love. Tessa’s pregnancy in 2019 launched her passion for creating art as a means of expressing the stages of life and the world around her. She has made various forms of artwork throughout her life, some of which have been featured at art events in New York City. Today she is still growing notoriety within the artistic community as she sells her work, and commissions family portraits. Some of her work is shared here.

Tessa is passionate about her art. She enjoys introducing young minds to the world of art, creating artwork, and sharing her love with others.

Teaching children forms of art simultaneously teaches forms of self-expression.

People are the least likely to have issues in expressing themselves as adults when they’re exposed to the limitless bounds of art from a young age. Teaching children through art increases the likelihood of them being able to lead healthy, fulfilled lives as they grow.

In 2022, Tessa launched her business named Rainbow Kids Art. As a trained artist recognized within the art world, she offers private classes throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey! She offers private art lessons for children, and birthday party packages through the Rainbow Art Kids’ Instagram page! Upcoming events and classes are updated on Instagram.

“Rainbow Kids Art provides art classes for all ages. With a focus on fun and the fundamentals of art, the goal is to engage children to explore their creativity while immersing themselves in the process of art-making.” Explains Tessa.

Presently, Rainbow Kids Art offers classes in Atlantic Highlands. The curriculum is fun for all ages. Parents, grandparents, and siblings are all encouraged to participate! Check into Rainbow Kids Art’s Instagram for upcoming class announcements and new locations!

Each week, the program offers projects centered around different themes, and storytime to keep little minds engaged. Class locations will be expanding as summer rolls in, so contact Rainbow Kids Art to sign up before classes are full! All contact info is linked below.

In addition to Tessa’s art and her love for motherhood, Tessa operates a Maternal Journal program through Philomena Birth Doula Care in Red Bank, New Jersey. Maternal journaling was a concept first introduced in the United Kingdom as a means of helping woman explore their transition from woman to mother; and beyond. Tessa has assisted the program tremendously since the pandemic discouraged women from meeting for in-person classes. Tessa now runs the meetings through Zoom!

Lastly, she’s secured a scholarship to receive Doula training under Visiting Nurse Association (VNA Health Care.) The mission of the VNA Doula training is to provide doula services to low-income areas of the country. She expects to be fully certified by June.

As an artist, Tessa enjoys teaching through expression. In nearly every aspect of her life, she has found ways to share her love for motherhood while helping countless other women and families. Tessa plans to continue sharing her passion as her child grows and she learns more along her maternal journey.


Instagram: @rainbow_kids_art_


Portfolio: @tessa.catto

Contact Tessa about art classes, individual lessons, birthday parties, and summer events through Rainbow Art Kids!
Rainbow Art KidsTessa Catto
Tessa during her pregnancy.Tessa Catto
One of Tessa's commissioned paintings.Tessa Catto
Tessa has a beautiful way of representing the maternal bond in her art.Tessa Catto
A fair mom feeding her baby.Tessa Catto
Individualized lessons with Rainbow Art Kids.Tessa Catto
Beauty.Tessa Catto


Hug your mom today!

If you’re a mother, hug yourself today!

If you know a mother, hug her today.

If you can’t hug her, simply appreciate her.

She deserves the reminder that her existence and perseverance are getting the rest of the world through, every day.

While she does not *need* to be reminded of this, and she will continue to help her family regardless, telling her will make her battle a little more bearable; because it is not easy.

When a person becomes a mother, a switch flicks in her brain and sends her into eternal overdrive. Each of the women mentioned above have proven that.

Mothers work hard, day in and day out, to give their child/children the best life possible. A job that often goes overlooked.

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