I Went to a Psychic: She Was Right

Bridget Mulroy

The controversy in a psychic reading is real; it shouldn't be.(MichiTermo/iStock)

If you have ever been on the fence about seeing a psychic, this will hopefully inspire you to pick a side of said fence.

During the pandemic, like most people, I was in limbo. I was trying to figure out what direction to take my life in, and what would be the most lucrative of opportunities presented to me at the time.

My best friend told me about a psychic and swore by her. I paid the woman via PayPal, and over a one-hour phone call, she told me two of the most chilling things anyone has ever told me.

By no means was I at rock bottom or desperately looking for answers, but I was looking for an explanation. Perhaps that will help others understand why I decided to try it.

Anyone can try explaining your life to you. We have family and friends constantly doing it to us whether we want them telling us our business or not.

The difference in a psychic doing it is this:

  • We're paying them to do it because they claim they can do so.
  • We can ignore the advice if we feel we wasted the money.

So why not give it a shot if you can leave or take what they tell you. Try everything once – that was my logic.

She told me two things that unfolded within the following two years of her reading. She told me other things that made sense at the time, but the two stayed with me and nagged me until they had finally unfolded.

  • She told me something about my career that bothered me beyond belief. At the time, I was working in landscape and garden design. She told me I would become very successful in something creative. I was sure I was well on my way to that achievement since I'd established myself quite nicely in my field. But nothing changed – then it began to bother me. The following year a completely different opportunity presented itself. It was something I had already been working on, it was a 'now-or-never' sort of thing. I went with it. Now I understand what she was telling me. None of it made sense when she first broke this news to me.
  • This one is personal and what she told me was a tipping point for me. She told me something about my dreams. At the time, they were about someone close to me who had passed away just a few months prior. I had been dreaming about them a lot after their passing and kept it to myself because dreaming about them made absolutely no sense to me. Ever since she told me what she had told me about the dreams, I started to be overcome with this feeling. I have to call this a β€˜sixth sense’ type of feeling. Since then, this feeling would come full force in very particular situations.

So maybe knowing does have its downside; the wait. But the predictions were also proven to be true.

I recommend researching anyone offering the services you are looking for. I happened to strike luck through divine intervention – my friend linked me to the woman I consulted with; not everyone is as lucky.

The takeaway, I am happy with my experience – even if it took two years to unfold.

I'm not sure I could go through it again. There are situations in my life where I would appreciate the insight, yet I'm not sure I can deal with the torment of wondering when, how, or if something will happen.

My takeaway will stay with me for years to come. The psychic was right on the money. I appreciated insight during a time of my life when I felt I needed it most. I hope sharing my experience will help others decide whether or not to explore the unknown. Just remember, as long as it is 'unknown,' it can't hurt you. If they tell you something you don't want to hear, take it for what it's worth – the experience. More often than not, the experience is rewarding and enlightening, so don't knock it until you try it.

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