The Jersey Junk Devil: A Litter Vigilante With a Vengeance on Earth Day

Bridget Mulroy
Money someone didn't realise they lost along with the trash they left in the park.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)

In the name of Earth Day, a wood-dwelling vigilante is on the prowl. To anyone littering, you've been warned!

This person is one of the main reasons why state parks [such as Cheesequake State Park, pictured] stay clean, and they go by the name of – Anonymous! They asked not to be named since they didn't want to take all the credit for maintaining the parks in hopes they could share the spotlight with other people who care.

We will call the person “The Jersey Junk Devil” since their efforts focus on New Jersey's forest park nature trails – and since they clean up junk. Frequenters of the named park may be familiar with the person. Photographs of their volunteer work are below.

Despite wishing to remain off the record, The Jersey Junk Devil deserves as much recognition for their selfless deed as possible. A conversation with The Jersey Junk Devil about their park accomplishments will surely remind you how nasty people [New Jersey park-goers] can be.

The Jersey Junk Devil shares the reasons why they “pick up the trash along the trails:

  • 1. Litter is a major pet peeve of mine.
  • 2. I prefer to hike the trails when they are clean; everyone does.
  • 3. I utilize the park frequently as my way of giving back.
  • 4. It is good for the environment!”

Perhaps reading this will inspire people to lighten the load of The Jersey Junk Devil – Clean up after yourselves! The pictures below will help elaborate on the condition people leave one of New Jersey’s most coveted parks; Cheesequake State Park -- it's nasty. If more people consider the amount of trash they are leaving behind, it will push them to think differently; in ways that can benefit themselves and the planet. For example, reusing plastic containers; specifically bottles!
Mounds of trash found at Cheesequake State Park.The Jersey Junk Devil
Someone took the time to crush the cans, but not throw them away.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Uncrushed cans at Cheesequake.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Balloons stuck in a tree.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Someone's take away; they left in the park instead of taking it away with them to the bin.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Junk left by a bench.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Leftovers that weren't tossed after an Easter party at the park over the weekend.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Garbage left on a crabbing bridge.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Beer bottles left at the park could be ruining a good time for everyone.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
Hooks Creek is accumulating a bit of litter.(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)

Throwing money away!(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)
If there were $1 for every time someone found an empty pack on cigarettes on the ground...(The Jersey Junk Devil/Bridget Mulroy)

Cheesequake State Park will be hosting a nature walk tomorrow, (Earth Day, Thursday 22 April 2022,) where they will be giving away tree saplings to people who show up! Check out how clean the trails are, and bring a bag in the event you see anything in the woods that doesn’t belong there!

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