Huggy Wuggy: Who Is He & Why Are Parents Worried?

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Meet Huggy Wuggy... the killer toy your children probably already know about.(MobGamesStudios/Twitter)

Huggy Wuggy is a toy character from the popular game Poppy Playtime. The game was created by MOB Games, it’s available on iOS and Android but rated for ages 12+. “Chapter 1” is available presently while the release date for “Chapter 2” has yet to be confirmed. Sources projected it to be announced in March of 2022 but MOB Games never confirmed – or released anything.

By now most of the characters have gained a good bit of traction, there is Poppy, Kissy Wissy, Mommy Long Legs, and others. Huggy Wuggy has become the most iconic personality as he’s the central figure in the game taking place in a toy factory.

Maybe, you’ve seen the scary blue character before? He’s quite cute – until he smiles. He's been described as looking similar to a teddy bear. He has big eyes, big red lips, long arms and legs, a body covered in blue fur (similar to Cookie Monster,) and yellow hands and feet. Then when he smiles you see a mouthful of sharp teeth; it’s quite scary. 

Huggy Wuggy gained notoriety as TikTok and YouTube videos with the character began to populate. Here you can watch a brief “history” of where Huggy Wuggy comes from, “fan-imation” depicts a similar origin here.

Beth Buxton is a mother of three living in Dorset. Her children watched the YouTube videos and played the Roblox games until her youngest [3 years] tried jumping out the window after watching one of the videos. Buxton said, "He got to the stage where he didn't know the difference between reality and gaming. He tried to climb up my bedroom window, saying he would die and come back to life telling me that's what Huggy Wuggy does. We have banned Roblox and put locks on YouTube. I have window locks being installed next week because he is still thinking about it.”

Parents, educators, and now law enforcement are growing worried. The problem is partially in the name, “Huggy Wuggy” and “Poppy Playtime” are seemingly innocent and wouldn’t suggest anything murderous as the words are popped into the search bar of YouTube Kids or Kid-TikTok.

While YouTube and TikTok failed to comment on what videos may have made it through their content filters, law enforcement has issued warnings to the public about the not-so-innocent subject matter. Parents are urged to monitor their children’s internet activity more closely if they know their children are engaging in content involving the character Huggy Wuggy.

Sky News published a statement made by West View Primary School in Hartlepool on Tuesday. The school described Huggy Wuggy as “a very deceiving character, as hugs should be seen as something kind and love and because of its name is able to infiltrate firewalls and filters."

"Due to the name, young people may come across this character and watch a video expecting a kind bear. Also due to the name, it may slip through some internet filtering you may have in place to protect your child. Therefore, please be extra vigilant when your child is online," Catcote Academy in Hartlepool said.

This has all escalated to a very poignant point over the last week. Police have issued warnings for people to be more cautious of the videos children are consuming. It’s too easy for parents to give children their phones for a quick distraction when suddenly the kids get into something they shouldn’t. Huggy Wuggy is the perfect example. Now police, teachers, and parents are on high alert since this adult-themed content has made its way into the precious hands and minds of young kids.
Adult content is "slipping through the cracks" as parents give their children access to mobile devices.(andresr/iStock)

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