Russian Nitric Acid Tank Explodes in Ukraine

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Highly corrosive nitric acid.(Kittisak Kaewchalun/iStock)

The small town of Borodyanka, Ukraine took an explosion today like no other, a tank of nitric acid was detonated after the fighting in Kyiv made its way to the small rural town. Two hundred people are missing or presumed dead after the deadly Russian airstrikes. 

Borodyanka is just 45 miles (73 kilometers) northwest of Kyiv. Residents knew it as a one-road town; very quaint. The town was visited by journalists [Times] after Russia’s mention of the withdrawal of their troops on Tuesday of last week.

That one road was considered a key access road for the Russian army which lead the area to becoming the first suburban community to be hit in Russia’s areal attack.  

The town is now completely devastated. No one would recognize the region now unless they were there as it was under attack to know what took place. The area is destroyed.

The New York Times describes an area of Borodyanka after the most recent attack, “four apartment buildings collapsed in the airstrikes, the layers of apartments crushed like a concertina to ground level.”

Under the rubble are dozens, if not hundreds of citizens of Borodyanka who were seeking shelter in the city who are now presumed dead. Surviving residents described the days before with Russian jets soaring over and missiles sounding; sheer terror.

Priority number one is to ensure the surviving citizens have power, then to address the aftermath of the explosions. A clean-up will be underway, over 200 citizens of Borodyanka are thought to have fallen victim to an explosion of nitric acid. 

Nitric acid is a highly corrosive mineral acid. It’s usually in a liquid, inorganic form; HNO3. It’s known for its oxidizing properties. It’s most commonly derived from the oxidization of ammonia.

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