New Jersey Starts Selling Legal Weed: What to Know & When to Sample

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The Cannabis Regulatory Commission “was first established to oversee the state's medical-marijuana program,” explains They “would be responsible for regulating the cultivation, processing, and sale of recreational marijuana.” On the Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s (CRC) website, it still reads, “Regulated recreational cannabis is currently not available. After licenses are awarded by the NJCRC and cannabis businesses are operating, adult consumers 21 years of age or older will be able to purchase recreational cannabis items from licensed recreational cannabis businesses.”

Over the last month, dispensaries around the state are starting to receive the green light from their prospective community review boards.

One is Story Dispensary of Hoboken, LLC, which was approved to sell recreational marijuana on 24 February 2022. Numerous other dispensaries throughout the state are being given the okay after following the state-proposed application process. While the laws have yet to take effect, the ball is most certainly rolling. The approved locations are now taking the necessary precautions to sell recreational marijuana.

Under New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program, alternative treatment centers (ATC) were the only authorized retail locations for medicinal marijuana. In the new laws set to regulate cannabis in New Jersey, The CRC has streamlined the medicinal marijuana program with the new recreational cannabis program.

Going forward, new dispensaries and preexisting dispensaries alike will be giving the public access to marijuana. Pre-existing dispensaries are using their stake in the game as experience in selling the plant where new retail locations will be learning only a retail aspect of the business. Regardless, recreational marijuana sales will be new territory for everyone.

Not straying far from medicinal marijuana laws, the age to buy recreationally will still be 21 years old. Ensuring only adults have access to it is a necessary measure being taken to protect underaged citizens.

According to the New Jersey Division of Taxation Treasury and, recreational marijuana will be handled in the same manner medicinal marijuana has been for nearly a decade and a half. The main difference is the percentage that will be taxed. Medicinal marijuana was taxed at a much higher rate when the program was first introduced. Since it’s been in effect, the percentage of tax collected per ounce of cannabis sold in the “flower”-form dropped to the standard New Jersey sales tax of 6.625% in January of 2021. The projected rate of taxation for recreational cannabis has been proposed between 1% and 4% depending on the type of establishment selling the cannabis.

An update from the New Jersey CRC would mean full-steam-ahead for dispensaries as well as lawmakers. Giving New Jerseyans who are of-age access to marijuana recreationally has been discussed for decades. To pull it off will be unprecedented since the potential in revenue is unparalleled to any tax plan New Jersey has ever implemented.

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