Single Mom of Four Called a "Bad Mom" For Hiding Food From Children

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Single parents have it hard. Especially after working all day and caring for the kids, sometimes they just want a little peace and quiet. A single mom took to Reddit to see if she was in the wrong for how she spent her nights sometimes after her children went to sleep.

In a recent Reddit post with 1.6k upvotes and over 700 comments, the mother of four stated that she sometimes orders food via UberEats and Doordash after her kids have gone to bed so that she doesn't have to share with them.

She says that after she's done eating, she will usually put the empty containers in the trash and take the trash out first thing in the morning.

After a rough day, she recently ordered food after her kids had gone to bed to cheer herself up. She said that her kids woke up before her, saw the food containers, and woke her up to ask if they could have some. She told them there wasn't any food left and thought that would be the end of it.

The mother said that after she dropped her kids off at their dad's house for their monthly stay, her phone was blowing up with text messages from the children's father.

The father accused her of misappropriating the funds he sends monthly for the kids' welfare. The mother says he sends $100 per child, totaling $400 per month, but she doesn't complain because he helps out in other ways.

As a daycare worker, she says she uses her own money for any food she wants.

The kids' father called her a bad mom for ordering food for only herself and not the kids. He told her she should have waited until the kids were at his house.

The Redditor says that if she had ordered food for her and all four kids, that would have cost a fortune, and if she were to share her food, she wouldn't have gotten to eat any. She doesn't feel she's wrong for wanting to treat herself after a long day at work.

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