Is She Wrong? Grandmother Refuses to Babysit Grandchild Unless She's Paid $20 An Hour Plus Overtime

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Are grandparents obligated to take care of their grandchildren at no charge?
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This was recently highlighted when a woman took to Reddit to get opinions about her situation. The 29-year-old woman's post shared that she and her partner recently had a new baby and are trying to get childcare situated so she can return to work.

In the post that's been upvoted 3,000 times with over 2,000 comments, the new mom shared that her 64-year-old mom has been a homemaker since the 90s and doesn't believe women should work outside the home.

The working mom says there's no way her family could live off one income because they've accumulated over $60,000 in debt from student loans, credit cards, and medical bills.

When the desperate woman explained all this to her mother, her mother told her that she'd babysit for $20 an hour in her own home and charge for late fees if they were late picking up the baby. She also added that she wanted a car seat, bottles, and a stroller provided as well.

The Redditor said that this isn't feasible because they'd go into more debt to buy double of everything. Not only that, but she feels that her mother, who is home all day cooking and watching TV, should take care of the baby at no charge.

She said she is on the fence about enrolling the baby in daycare since it might be more affordable and closer to their home. She said she and her partner just want to get their finances in order.

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