Husband Schedules Meet-Up With Wife on Her Secret OnlyFans Account

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Is your spouse having a secret OnlyFans account a deal-breaker?
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There's no easy way to discover that your spouse is being dishonest with you. One man had to bare the embarrassment of his friend discovering that his wife of four years had a secret OnlyFan's account.

According to a Reddit post published in the PublicFreakout community, a Redditor reposted a video of a man recording himself confronting his wife about her indiscretions.

In the video, the husband pulls up to a Comfort Inn hotel, explaining that he set up a "date" with his wife. He says he's been talking to his wife under the alias D-Rock, for a week on OnlyFans, and she has no idea.

The husband says that his wife has obviously been meeting up with different men, as she hasn't been home lately. He says she tells him she's out with friends or taking care of business when she's gone for hours.

Once the concerned husband reaches the door of the hotel room his wife is waiting in, he knocks, and she immediately comes to the door without checking to see who it is.

When the deceitful wife opens the door and sees her husband, she immediately tries to close it, but he forces his way in.

He tells her she's caught, and she deflects by asking him what he's doing there.

The wife starts to deny any and all accusations until the husband tells her that he's the D-Rock she's supposed to be meeting.

Dumbfounded, the wife doesn't know what to think, so she sits on the bed and starts rambling about the mortgage.

The distraught husband says he doesn't care about a mortgage and wants to know what she's been doing at these meet-ups with different men.

He gets nothing out of his crying wife because she lies back on the bed while attempting to hide from the camera.

The disturbed husband tells her that this is not how he thought their marriage would end. He tells her that all of her stuff will be outside when she gets home.

She begs him not to do this, as they have kids. He fires back that he now doesn't even know if the kids are his and proceeds to leave the room.

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