Husband Seeking Divorce After Wife Sold His Gaming System Behind His Back

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events explained to me firsthand, used with permission.

Infidelity is the leading cause of divorce in the United States. Couples get divorced for various reasons, from financial issues to domestic violence.

One man is contemplating filing for divorce for a more unconventional reason -- his wife sold his gaming system behind his back.

Seth and Alisha have been married for three years and have a 10-month-old daughter. Alisha has been unhappy for some time, and Seth seems oblivious to her concerns.

Alisha complains that she's the breadwinner and that Seth spends too much time playing video games. The miserable wife works 40+ hours a week and then comes home to cook, clean, and tend to their baby.

Seth works from home and barely brings in $1,000 every two weeks. As soon as his shift ends, he turns on his X-box and enters another world. Even when looking after their child, he sits the child in front of the TV while he plays.

Alisha has asked Seth to take her out on dates, and he uses the excuse that they don't have a reliable sitter, but at the same time, he doesn't put in any effort to help find someone.

Alisha feels that Seth only cares about his video games and gaming buddies. The overworked wife and mom has also complained to Seth about their sexless marriage. She says they have sex maybe once or twice per month.

One evening after a big blowup about the state of their marriage, Seth went to his buddy's house to blow off some steam. While he was gone, Alisha carefully took his gaming system apart and boxed it up. She had posted it to Facebook Marketplace days before and decided this was the perfect time to accept an offer.

She met with the buyer and sold her husband's X-box, headset, and Oculus VR for $400.

When her husband returned to find all his gaming equipment was gone, he went ballistic. Alisha explained that he was more concerned with his games than their marriage, and she was tired of it.

Seth didn't care what his wife had to say. His only concern was his video games. The aloof husband told her she had no right to touch his belongings. He punched the wall and made a hole the size of his fist.

Alisha took their daughter to her aunt's house and stayed for a few days. The whole time she was there, she didn't hear from Seth. She never called or texted him because she wanted him to show he cared.

When she finally returned home, Seth had cleared out his side of the closet. The little stuff he owned was gone, so Alisha finally called him to see what was up.

Seth told her he was moving in with his friend for the time being and wanted a divorce. He accused her of disrespect and said she did not care for him by selling his gaming equipment.

While Alisha is hurt, she says that she will agree to the divorce. She says she's been unhappy and lonely for some time now, and the divorce will only make it official.

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