Teen Let Out of School Early -- What She Discovers at Home Changes Her Life Forever

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Relationships are messy, as the people involved in them, especially family relationships. An eighteen-year-old girl's life just got a whole lot messier.

In a Reddit post published on January 11, with over 2,000 upvotes and 500 comments, a teen discovered something that will change her life forever.

According to the teen, her parents are divorced, and she stays at her dad's on the weekends. She was let out of school early on a Friday morning due to a gas inspection.

She walked to her dad's house and noticed his car in the driveway. As she entered the house, she called out for him and received no answer. She proceeded up the stairs and opened his bedroom door to find her dad naked with her eighteen-year-old boyfriend on the bed.

She was in shock, as were they, because clearly, they thought she'd be in school. She immediately ran away and locked herself in the bathroom.

After a few minutes, her boyfriend of two years knocked on the bathroom door, but she didn't let him in. After a while, he gave up and went home, only five minutes away.

The girl's 42-year-old dad came to the bathroom door to tell her he would be downstairs when she was ready to talk. After waiting for a little longer, she grabbed her coat and took off to her mom's house.

The distraught teen says in her post that it now makes sense after thinking about everything that transpired. She says that while both her parents cheated, ultimately leading to their divorce, she believes that her dad was cheating with a man. When her mom found text messages on her dad's phone, they were saved under a man's contact information, and at the time, they just believed it was a cover-up.

The high schooler also recalls a time when she was having dinner with her dad and boyfriend, and her dad accidentally rubbed her leg with his foot while staring at her boyfriend. She realizes now that her dad meant to rub her boyfriend's leg instead of hers.

She says she is sickened by this because she has no idea how long her dad and boyfriend have been engaging in these activities, which could mean her dad was fornicating with a minor since her boyfriend just turned eighteen.

The teen is struggling with what to do next. She wonders if she should tell her mom about her discovery and have a discussion with her dad.

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