Man Shocked After Girlfriend Catfishes Him and Crashes "Date"

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People will go to great lengths to catch their partners cheating, from camping outside hotel rooms to hiring private investigators.

Well, one woman has gone viral for the stunt she pulled to catch her boyfriend cheating.

Selena Camille, @selenacamille on TikTok, recently uploaded a video detailing how she catfished her own boyfriend to catch him cheating. In a video viewed over 14 million times, Selena shares that she created a fake Instagram account of a woman named Savannah, paid for fake followers and paid a girl to let her use her pictures. She then messaged her boyfriend back and forth before planning to meet for lunch.

After the initial video blew up, users wanted an update on the story. So, Selena uploaded an update detailing how the meet-up went with her boyfriend.

When Selena arrived at the restaurant, her boyfriend was waiting alone at a table. She approached him and asked what he was doing there. The cheater stated he was getting ready to have lunch with a co-worker.

Selena then asked him why his location was off, and he replied that it's been messing up lately.

Selena finally comes right out and asks, "Who is Savannah?" The boyfriend denied knowing a Savannah, and that's when she lets him know she knows he's been "texting a Savannah."

The lying man goes silent, and that's when Selena reveals that she's, in fact, Savannah.

The stunned man didn't know what to think. All he could muster up is asking her why she would do something like that. Selena tells him that she suspected that he was cheating on her.

Her now ex-boyfriend proceeds to ask her what she wants to do. Selena tells him that she never wants to speak to him again and that he looks “stupid,” eating alone and waiting on an imaginary date.

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