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Cheating Girlfriend Humiliated After Boyfriend Confronts Her at Parent's Party

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A Nashville radio talk-show host recently asked her listeners to share their most unhinged Christmas party stories. The host said that she ended up receiving the craziest call of her life after a man called her show detailing how he was planning to confront his girlfriend for cheating on him.

Tom, who works in tech, called into Hot 106.7, really excited to share details about how he was planning to reveal to his girlfriend that he knew she had been cheating on him.

Tom explained that he was getting ready to pick up his girlfriend to go with her to a Christmas party at her parents place. He said he'd bought his girlfriend a brand new iPad as a gift. The kicker is Tom changed the background on the iPad to screenshots of her cheating.

Tom said that he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him over a month ago after looking through pictures on her phone. He was just waiting for the perfect time to lay it on her. He told the show host that he couldn't wait to see the look on his girlfriend's mom's face once they found out.



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After the radio show host posted this TikTok video that's been viewed over 1.4 million times, users were invested in the story and wanted to know how the night went after Tom gave his girlfriend the iPad.

The show host was able to get an update from Tom after he called back in.

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Once Tom arrived at his girlfriend's parents' house, he gave her the iPad and her dad connected it to wifi. The IT guy said that her dad is the first person that saw the screenshots on the background of the iPad. Once the girlfriend was aware of what was going on she asked to speak to Tom privately.

Things took an interesting turn when the girlfriend's dad went off on his wife saying, "It's no surprise you raised a cheater, as you've been cheating on me for years."

In the end, the girlfriend's sister ended up having an asthma attack and Tom rushed her to the hospital.

Tom's now ex-girlfriend is still currently living with him until she finds a new place, but she hasn't been staying there.

Tom said that he's unbothered by the whole situation and planned to spend Christmas at Disney World.

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