Man Takes Back Mother-in-Law's Christmas Gift to Get Back at Her

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*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a close friend.
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A man was really excited to spoil his family this Christmas as he recently came into a lump sum of cash. He felt his family deserved it, especially his twelve-year-old daughter, Kelly, who's been struggling with bullies at school.

Even though Kelly has been struggling in certain areas of her life, she's still managed to keep her grades up, help out around the house without being asked, and be respectful to her parents. For this reason, the man felt she deserved everything on her Christmas list, plus more.

For years, the man's mother-in-law always asked the children what they wanted most each Christmas and she promised to deliver. This Christmas, Kelly told her grandma that she wanted a hoverboard since hers had died a couple of months ago. Grandma told Kelly that she would grant her wish.

On Christmas Eve, when grandma got to the house, she took one look at the Christmas tree full of gifts and immediately asked why there were so many presents.

The man explained that he had been blessed this Christmas and wanted to shower his children and their immediate family with as many gifts as he could. She asked him how many gifts he had gotten the children and he explained that he got them four big gifts and three small gifts each.

For whatever reason, his mother-in-law became outraged, saying that children didn't need that many gifts for Christmas. She went on to say that if you spoiled children like this, they would forget the true meaning of the holiday. The angry mother-in-law then proceeded to say that she was going to take back the hoverboard she promised Kelly.

The man became upset because Kelly had really been looking forward to that hoverboard and he knew she'd be extremely disappointed.

The man's wife stepped in and told him to let it go, as her mother had the right to decide if she wanted to give Kelly the gift. The mother-in-law was glad that her daughter intervened, and said that people can't always expect to get the gifts they hope for.

The man decided that he was going to get revenge by taking back the $1200 Louis Vuitton bag that he had purchased for his mother-in-law. She had been admiring the bag for years. He figured that would really teach her a lesson.

When it was time to open gifts on Christmas morning, the mother-in-law received a pair of $24 slippers and a new coffee mug. She asked if that was all that they had gotten her for Christmas since everyone else had received considerably more gifts.

The man explained that he was sorry to disappoint her and reminded her that people can't always expect to get the gifts they hope for.

This angered her even more. His wife asked him what happened to the designer bag he had bought for his mother-in-law, and he denied knowing what she was talking about.

He went on to say that his mother-in-law had enough gifts, and that he wouldn't want her to forget the true meaning of Christmas.

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