Single Mom's Bank Account Overdrawn After 7-Year-Old Racks Up $900 in Charges on Roblox

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The money she was going to use for Christmas is now gone, sparking debate.
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Roblox is a popular gaming platform among children. Players can develop and play games while paying to upgrade their characters and buy additional games.

Children love Roblox so much that they will do almost anything for Robux, which is digital money within the platform that can be used to make game purchases.

Single mom, Kayla Howard, is now feeling the effects of just how much kids love this game.

Howard's four children play Roblox often, like many other children worldwide. Howard has even embedded the game as a part of their chore system.

The children's love for the game has now become a burden for her, as her 7-year-old son racked up hundreds of dollars in charges playing the game.

Howard received a call from her bank on Saturday informing her that there was an overdraft on her account. The bank explained that there were multiple purchases from Roblox totaling $897.

According to Howard, that money was going to be used for Christmas gifts, decorations, and rent. Now she has nothing.

Howard said that her son has autism and doesn't understand that his actions have consequences. Howard told news outlets that she was trying her best not to cry or stress about it and, instead, would try to figure it out.

The distraught mother immediately reached out to Google Play and Roblox, but Google only refunded her $10. Howard filed a claim with Roblox but is currently awaiting a response.

After learning of the story, users on social media had a lot to say, sparking a debate. Some people believe that children shouldn't have access to electronic devices even to play games, while others say that payment methods should not be on file for children.

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