Single Mother Slashed Date's Tires After He Refused to Buy Her Kids Food

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a close friend who witnessed them firsthand; used with permission.
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You never know what you're going to encounter on a first date. I've heard many stories, everything from people pretending to go to the bathroom and then leaving to others having someone call and interrupt the date with a fake emergency.

My friend's co-worker now has a first-date story of his own to tell for years to come.

My friend's co-worker, Lance, recently went on a date after being out of the dating scene for a year. He met a lady named Amelia a couple of months ago when he went to a Halloween party. He didn't think much of it until he bumped into her at the grocery store. The two talked, he asked her out, and she said yes.

A couple of days later, Amelia texted Lance to let him know that she could not make their date as her babysitter had canceled on her. Lance sympathized with her and told her he hoped she would still be able to make it, but if not, he understood.

Amelia texted Lance the morning of their date and told him that she had everything squared away with her kids.

Lance swung by Amelia's house the night of the date to pick her up. As Amelia walked to the car, three kids were at the door waving her goodbye.

The couple arrived at the steakhouse where Lance had made reservations at. They ordered a couple of appetizers and a bottle of wine.

About 30 minutes into the date, Amelia's phone wouldn't stop going off. It was her children calling. Lance asked her if everything was okay, and she said yes.

She then stated that the kids were hungry and she told them she'd bring food on her way home. Lance asked if the babysitter could cook them food, and she told him that she didn't have a babysitter. The single mom then shared with him that she left her eleven-year-old in charge of her six and three-year-old.

Lance didn't know what to think. He was excited to be out on a date with Amelia, but he was concerned that her children were left alone.

Amelia then went on to ask him if he'd buy a few steak dinners so she could take them home to her kids. Lance was taken aback by her question. He told her that he hadn't budgeted for that.

Amelia didn't like that and started complaining about him not having enough money for her. She called him "broke" and a "joke." When Lance fired back at her calling her an irresponsible mother, Amelia stormed off to call an Uber.

After Lance finished his meal, he walked back to his car, realizing his tires had been slashed. He knew Amelia had done it while outside, waiting for her Uber.

He furiously texted Amelia asking why she would stoop so low by messing with his car. She replied that she didn't know what he was talking about and that if his tires were slashed, he more than deserved it. She also told him to lose her number.

Lance is currently rethinking going on any more dates.

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