Man Praised For Quitting Job After Time Off Wasn't Approved for Trip

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As someone who has had over 19 jobs in their life, I understand how devastating it can be when time off isn't approved, especially after you've already made plans.

This was highlighted recently when a man posted a TikTok video boasting about quitting his job after his time off wasn't approved. TikTok user, who goes by @newmanparkerr, captioned his video, "when you get the chance to go see Europe, you don't say no."

The video has over 1.9 million views, and according to his comment section, the tickets to Europe were already booked when his time off was denied. He said there will always be another job.

Many users in his comment section agree with him, saying they would have done the same thing. Several users said that they have quit jobs in the past after being denied holidays off. Others praised him, saying they look up to him, and calling him an inspiration.

Check out some of the comments below:

TikTok commentsPhoto byScreenshot/TikTok
TikTok commentsPhoto byScreenshot/TikTok
TikTok commentsPhoto byScreenshot/TikTok

We live in an age where this generation doesn't take jobs too seriously. They will quit for the simplest of reasons without even thinking about their co-workers or the establishment.

Today, prices are skyrocketing due to inflation, and while many businesses are hiring, there are still so many unemployed people. You would think that employed people would want to keep their jobs.

What do you think about this? Is being denied time off grounds for quitting? Leave a comment below, and if you think more people should see this, share it on social media!

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