Teen Almost Loses Leg After Family's Pit Bull Attacks Her: "We Are Done With the Breed"

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It was a normal Sunday morning. I was hanging out with friends. I went downstairs pretty quickly, opened the baby gate and as soon as I opened it, there the dog was. There was a small growl and he jumped at my throat first, but I turned away quick enough to he grabbed onto my leg. -Lexie Beebe

That is how 16-year-old Lexie Beebe recalls the events leading up to the pit bull attack that has changed her life forever.

One of the family's eight "protector" pit bull viciously attacked Lexie. According to reports, the dog clamped its jaws down so hard on her that she could hear his teeth grinding her bone.

Before this, the pit bull protected the family home and slept many nights in Lexie's bed. On this particular day, Lexie had been in her room with friends when she decided to go downstairs, and that's when the dog made a run for her.

After hearing Lexie's screams, her mother and stepfather rushed to the bottom of the stairs, where they discovered blood all over the floor and ceiling and flesh scattered across the carpet. At the time, the dog still had Lexie's leg in its mouth.

Lexie's stepfather tried getting the dog off of her and was forced to choke the dog until it let go of Lexie's leg. The quick-thinking father used a belt as a tourniquet to stop Lexie from losing so much blood, which doctors said most likely saved Lexie's life.

The high school student was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and underwent a six-hour operation where doctors successfully reattached muscle and ligaments.

The family had raised the pit bull that attacked Lexie since it was 11 weeks old, which is why they couldn't understand why it turned on Lexie.

After the attack, the pit bull responsible for the attack was put down by animal control. The family wants to rehome the other pit bulls out of fear that the same could happen to one of their other two children.

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