Man Gives Ultimatum: "Lose 50 Pounds and I'll Marry You"

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*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a family friend.
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When you're with someone, especially someone you're planning to marry, it's for better or worse. Some say looks shouldn't matter, while others believe you should always look your best for your significant other.

These concerns were highlighted recently when a family member's co-worker was given an ultimatum by her boyfriend. He told her to lose 50 pounds, and then he'd marry her.

The couple's been together for the past six years. When they first got together, Sharon was a size eight. She wore bikinis, crop tops, and skimpy dresses. Nowadays, all of that has changed as she's always covering her body with layers of clothing because of how much weight she's gained.

She attributes her massive weight gain to being a bored stay-at-home mom throughout the years. She has two teenagers from previous relationships, and her boyfriend, Matt, has two children from a previous relationship.

Recently, Sharon voiced her concerns to Matt about her wanting to tie the knot seeing as to how long they've been together and her caring for his children 24/7.

At first, he told her he wasn't ready to be married. He said he likes things the way they are and fears marriage will change everything. She explained to him that it wasn't fair for her to continue on as if they were married without any actual promises of a ring.

That conversation didn't turn out well, and the couple went to sleep angry with one another. Matt didn't like how they left things the following morning, and he didn't feel right about what he had said to Sharon before bed. He decided to set her down for a heart-to-heart.

Matt explained to Sharon that he loved her, but he wasn't in love with how she looked anymore. He told her that he appreciated everything she's done for him and the children, but she's let herself go. He told her that he's tried to drop hints that she should work out, and he's even tried making healthier meals in the hopes that she would get with the program.

Matt told her he would love to marry her but feared that if they got married, he would be tempted by other women who were more fit. A distraught Sharon didn't know what to think. She was devastated. Matt continued on that he would marry her in a heartbeat if she could just lose about 50 pounds.

He told her he'd help her all he could, and if she succeeded, they could start planning the wedding of their dreams.

Sharon currently isn't speaking to Matt because she's so hurt by him giving her this ultimatum. She feels that he doesn't love her for her.

What do you think? If your partner's looks changed drastically over the years, would you still want to be with them? Is Matt wrong? Leave a comment below, and if you think more people should see this, share it on social media!

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