Wash and Go: Woman Furious After Potential Buyer of Washer/Dryer Washed Clothes and Ran

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I witnessed firsthand, used with permission.

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Times are hard nowadays, and many people are resorting to selling their used items online via Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. I've even sold items just hoarding in my garage, and luckily, things ran smoothly. However, this wasn't the case for a family friend recently.

A family friend of mine is getting ready to move into a new apartment and since the apartment comes furnished with a washer and dryer, she's decided to list her like-new washer and dryer set for sale on Facebook Marketplace. She priced the set at $300.

Since posting, she's received tons of inquiries from people interested in purchasing her set. A particular potential buyer seemed to be genuinely interested in purchasing her washer & dryer.

My friend and the potential buyer had been chatting back and forth all day, and she had answered all of his questions. The potential buyer eventually told my friend that he was earnest in purchasing, but first, he wanted to be sure that the washer and dryer actually worked. He confided in my friend that he had been scammed a few times while making purchases through social media.

My friend told him that he could come over and take a look to put his mind at ease before purchasing. She gave him the address, and the man showed up about an hour later with a laundry sack full of clothes. He informed my friend that he wanted to wash a load of clothes just to ensure the washer and dryer worked properly, and if so, he would buy on the spot.

My friend didn't think anything of it and told him to go ahead and put his load in. The man used her Tide pods to wash his load of clothes. After the clothes came out, he tossed them into the dryer with a few of her Bounty dryer sheets.

While waiting on the clothes to dry, he talked on the phone and scrolled social media. Twenty-five minutes later, the clothes were dry.

The man folded his clothes neatly, placed them back in his laundry sack, and told my friend that he was going out to the car to get the money.

He walked out, drove off, and never returned.

My friend is furious that she allowed this stranger in to check out the washer and dryer, only to be scammed out of time and laundry detergent. She says that in the future when selling big items, she will ask for a deposit to ensure the buyer is serious.

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