Bold Uber Driver Praised for Exposing Cheating Husband

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"If you are doing something crappy in my car, I have the right to handle it however I see fit."

An Uber driver has gone viral after she allegedly exposed a cheater by dropping him and his mistress off at his house, where his wife and kids were.

In the TikTok video, @perfectly_unbroken, also known as Roni, shares details on how the recent Uber ride went down. She claims that she picked a man up at his home, and before entering the car, he exchanged hugs and kisses with his wife and kids.

Once in the car, the man shared with Roni that he had added another stop to their trip. Once the driver arrived at the stop, a woman got into the car with small luggage.

According to Roni, the alleged mistress tells the man she's glad he finally got away from his wife and proceeds to ask him when he's leaving her. Roni says the two share a kiss, and then the man tells the mistress that he's got some things to take care of first and that he wants to discuss it later.

The cheater then tells Roni that he's changed the drop-off location. That's when Roni decided to end the ride at his original pickup destination: his home, where his wife and kids were. She says the pair got out and stood on the cheating man's lawn before his wife and kids came out to see.

In the video that has now racked up over 8 million views and 1.6 million likes, Roni then tells her TikTok followers:

"This is my car. I work for myself. I am an independent contractor. If I choose to end your ride, it’s my choice. Uber’s not gonna fire me, Uber’s not gonna ban me, Uber’s not gonna get rid of me. If you are doing something crappy in my car, I have the right to handle it however I see fit."

The TikTok video has received mixed comments; however, the majority of people in the comment section praised Roni for her actions. Take a look at some of the comments below:

One commenter wanted to know if the husband or wife gave her a review. Roni shared that the wife sent her a huge thank you.

What do you think of this story? Was the Uber driver right to expose the cheater, or should she have simply done her job? Leave a comment below, and if you think more people should see this, share it on social media!

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