Concerned Neighbor Calls Fire Department After Elderly Woman's House Starts Smoking

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*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a close friend.

A family friend's neighbor, Gertrude, lives alone. She's in her seventies; however, she's very mobile and still able to care for herself for the most part.

One evening, Gertrude decides to heat herself up some soup. She's tired after a long day of working in her garden and playing with her kitten, so she just wants something quick.

She turns on the stove, opens up a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup, and pours it into a pot. As she's waiting for the soup to warm up, she realizes she's still in her yard clothes. She immediately slips off her wig and throws it down without even thinking. It lands on her stove just a few centimeters away from the pot of soup.

She then goes to her bedroom to change her clothes. While she's changing, she realizes that she needs to wash up a bit. So, she uses the restroom and freshens up.

By this time, she starts to smell smoke. She hurries into the kitchen to find that her wig has caught fire on the stove. Gertrude immediately panics. She runs out of her back door and onto the neighbor's lawn.

Her neighbor, Carol, was sitting on her porch and noticed the smoke before she even saw Gertrude. Carol, concerned for her neighbor's safety, instantly called the fire department.

A nervous Gertrude explained to Carol what had happened. She told Carol that she has a fire extinguisher, but was too shaken up to use it. Carol assured her that the firemen were on the way and not too worry.

When the fire department showed up, the wig had turned to ashes, and the smoke had turned to fire. Luckily for Gertrude, only her stove and a few other items were damaged by the fire, and the firemen were able to put it out quickly. The fire department showed up in record time, or else Gertrude may not have had a home anymore.

Gertrude, shaken up by the incident, vowed never to place her wig or any other items near the stove while cooking.

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