Teen Breaks Up With Boyfriend After Finding Out He Stole From School

Briana B.

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand, used with permission.

In high school, my boyfriend at the time was really sweet to me, but he had a dark side that I wasn't aware of initially. We were the best of friends, but when we weren't together, he would get himself into a great deal of trouble.

One day, at school, they made a big announcement saying that a teacher's projector had been stolen. They said until they received it back, there would be no movies, assemblies, or free time after lunch.

I didn't think anything of it, but like many other students, I was frustrated for being punished when I hadn't done anything.

The following day, after school, I head over to my boyfriend's house because he says he wants to watch a movie. When I walk into his room, not only has he changed his room completely around and has new furniture, but he has huge white poster boards all over one side of his wall.

I ask what the poster boards are for, and that's when he revealed his new projector.

I immediately recognize the projector from school and I ask him how could he steal it. He fires back and says that he didn't steal it, but his friend did and asked him to hold onto it.

I tell him that sounds like bull, and asked him why he would go through all the trouble to put up poster board if he was just "holding on to it."

I didn't really feel like watching a movie anymore, so I just left.

Each day when I would go back to his house, the projector would still be there. Other kids from school would come over and admire it, but no one would tell that my boyfriend had it.

I was so annoyed with the whole thing, I told my boyfriend that I didn't want to be with him anymore. Not only did he steal the projector and lied about it, but he was inviting all kinds of people over so that he could show it off.

He said that I was overreacting, but it ended up being the best decision. A couple of months later, he was put on probation for stealing car parts out of a local auto shop. I dodged a bullet.

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