Dad Fuming After Stepmom Bought 10-Year-Old New iPhone

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*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a close friend.

Today's children have the luxury of technology. Back in the day, all we had was dial-up internet and cable TV, which meant we had to check the TV guide to see what time our favorite shows would air.

Kids these days have cell phones and laptops that they use to play online games with friends near and far. They have no idea how lucky they are, but sometimes they misuse technology.

This was recently highlighted with my friend's daughter, Lexie. Lexie is ten years old and spends most of her free time playing Roblox on her phone and computer. My friend says that she thinks Lexie is addicted and doesn't know what to do. She says Lexie talks to herself while playing, gets upset if she's asked to get off, and is even falling behind in school.

Lexie recently snuck her phone to school, and her teacher took it away and sent a note home explaining what happened. Lexie is fully aware that she is not allowed to have electronics at school but failed to listen.

So, my friend took her phone privileges away and explained to her that she could have her phone back once her homework grades improve.

My friend tried to convince Lexie that having some time off of her phone would be a good thing. She offered to watch some new movies with Lexie and even asked her if she'd like to join an after-school activity just to switch up her routine a bit. Lexie declined and has been acting out ever since she got her phone taken away.

Lexie spends one week with her mom and one week with her dad, but it works out great because they live nearby, and Lexie can still go to school like normal.

The following week, Lexie goes to her dad's house. Her dad is aware of what's going on with Lexie and supports her mom's decision to take her phone away.

Lexie isn't too fond of her stepmom, but her stepmom has been trying to do everything she can to get on her good side.

So, when her stepmom picks her up from school the next day, she has a gift bag waiting for Lexie. Lexie opens it up and finds a brand-new iPhone. She's ecstatic. Lexie tells her that she's not allowed to be on her phone right now, and her stepmom says that she will discuss it with her father later.

When Lexie's father gets home from work, he finds Lexie lying on the couch playing Roblox on her phone. Confused, he goes to his wife to ask where Lexie got the phone, and she explains that she bought her a new one. He tells her that she has completely overstepped the boundaries that were set in place, takes the phone, and sends Lexie to her room.

He throws the phone against the wall in rage, and Lexie's stepmom pleads that she just wanted Lexie to like her. She says that she feels that he and Lexie's mom are completely overreacting. He explains that it's not her decision and that they are doing what's best for Lexie at the moment.

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