Worried Family Can't Find Pet Cat All Day -- Teen Son Finally Explains Why

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*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a family member.

Everyday when my cousins would arrive home from school, their pet cat, Kittyboo, would be waiting for them in their huge bay window.

This particular day, however, was different. Kittyboo wasn't in the window. My cousins, Meka and Matt, just assumed she was asleep somewhere.

Upon entering the house, Meka started calling out for Kittyboo. The house was quiet, and Kittyboo wasn't coming out. Meka continued searching for Kittyboo in every room but couldn't locate her. Matt helped her search to no avail.

Later that evening, when my aunt arrived home, Meka explained that they hadn't seen Kittyboo at all since they had arrived home. She even explained that her food bowl still had food in it that hadn't been touched.

My aunt immediately sprung into action. She checked the attic, basement, and even the backyard in case Kittyboo happened to get out somehow. Still nothing.

By this time, Matt was well aware of where Kittyboo was and what had happened to her, but he remained quiet.

My aunt continued to search the house since this was such odd behavior for Kittyboo not to come out all day. They all were simply hoping that their cat was okay.

After going through each bedroom and checking under the bed, my aunt knocked on Matt's door. When she entered, she smelled poop and asked him where the smell was coming from.

Seventeen-year-old Matt hesitated at first, but then he came clean.

He explained that earlier, while they were searching for Kittyboo, he found her underneath his bed with a little of his marijuana still left in a plastic bag.

He confessed that it appeared that Kittyboo had somehow gotten into his bag of weed, ate some, and didn't have the energy to move or do anything. He explained that she pooped underneath his bed, and he was so angry at her for eating his weed that he picked her up and threw her out into the hallway.

Matt said that Kittyboo had limped away very slowly, and he hadn't seen her since.

A few hours later, they found Kittyboo in the bathroom closet along with more poop on the floor, and she was as stiff as a rock. They assumed it was a side effect of her consuming the weed. The family ended up calling the vet to see if they could get her checked out.

My aunt grounded Matt for lying and explained to him that if he was going to use marijuana, to at least not have it in her home.

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