Woman Shocked After Discovering Boyfriend of Six Years is Her Biological Brother

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When you've been adopted and estranged from your biological family your whole life, more often than not, you don't know much about the family you come from. You could look a family member in the eye every day and never know it.

This is the reality of a woman who took to Reddit to confess that she's just found out her boyfriend of six years is her biological brother.

The 30-year-old woman says that she's been with her 32-year-old boyfriend for six years, and since they were both adopted, they recently decided to do an ancestry test to learn more about their roots.

The woman says that being adopted is the one thing that she and her boyfriend initially bonded over.

According to the Redditor, their relationship has been going well. She says they do everything that your average couple would do. They live together, engage in sex, and celebrate anniversaries. She says that they agreed early on never to have kids. In hindsight, she says that's a great thing because she wouldn't want to have children with her brother and risk birth defects and such.

The couple ordered their DNA kit, spit in the tubes, and sent it back. She says that after a month, they received the results, and she was excited to learn more about their origins, only to discover that they are actually siblings.

She didn't initially tell her boyfriend for fear that the results may have been incorrect. The shocked woman says that it all makes sense now because people are always telling the couple how much they look alike and saying that her boyfriend is the male version of her.

After finally sharing the results with her boyfriend, they've decided not to make any big decisions until they get a real test done. She says they are pretty freaked out, but she loves her brother and boyfriend of six years. She went on to say it is odd lying in bed with him now.

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